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The glorious sun rose over the horizon, proclaiming the arrival of a new day for the Sia Continent. Countless had already gotten up and were doing their own things, be it enjoying a cup of coffee, exchanging sweet nothings with their lover, or rushing the road.

Traveling through a mountainous forest with a dense canopy that only allowed cracks of sunlight through was a mounted army of mercenaries. At the forefront of this army was a silver-haired girl riding on a demonic beast. They were heading out of the Theocracy through the northern border of the Ascart Fiefdom.

Alicia Ascart could feel a portion of her powers falling into slumber with the disappearance of the moon, and it evoked a soft sigh from her lips. She turned to Cynthia and asked.

“Is there anyone lagging behind?”

“No, young miss.”

A woman donning heavy armor right behind her answered with a lowered head.

But right after those words were spoken, someone started retching behind Cynthia. Alicia glanced over and saw a middle-aged man patting the back of a gray-robed elder. There were helpless smiles on their faces.

“Sorry ‘bout that, young miss. This geezer is past his prime, so his old bones can’t take all this rattling,” said Rodney.

“Nonsense! Don’t listen to him, young miss! I’m perfectly fine. I just had too much to eat last night,” exclaimed Wood.

Rodney shrugged in response, not wanting to say anything else since Wood had already insisted that he was fine.

Alicia glanced at the old man, followed by the army behind him. They had traveled for an entire night now, and most of their complexion didn’t look too good. It looked like the shaking of the demonic beasts when traveling across unstable terrain was not easy to bear even for the most resilient of mercenaries.

She sighed softly and issued a new order.

“… We’ll take a quick rest.”

Alicia climbed down the back of the wolf beast she was riding on. She gently stroked its head and infused a bit of life force into its body, which was met with an exhilarated howl from the latter. It shook its tail excitedly like a husky.

This incredible sight impressed Cynthia and the others.

Indeed, the demonic beasts they were riding on were actually the wolf packs that other fiefdoms had to devote a great amount of manpower each year to eradicate. Thanks to Alicia’s abilities, these wolves had been tamed and turned into special mounts within the fiefdom.

What was special about these wolves was their ability to cross treacherous terrains that were usually impossible for typical mounts. Should an emergency occur, the soldiers would be able to scale across mountains and get to their destination as soon as possible instead of taking a detour, possibly reducing travel time by up to ten times.

The current situation was a perfect example of that. The army had already crossed three mountains thus far, covering a distance that would have otherwise taken ten days had they taken the main road

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