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In the bathroom, a steady stream of cold water gushed out of the showerhead.

It was early summer, and the weather was starting to turn warm. Most people would deem it still too early to be having a cold shower, but the boy standing under the showerhead remained as red as a lobster despite the icy water.

The weather might not have gotten hot yet, but one had to understand that the heat on the bed was usually independent of the weather. Not even the coldest day could quell the flames of desire stoked within its sacred boundary.

So, Roel could only resort to artificial means to cool himself down.

It was just a pity that the cold water couldn’t wash away his memories, so it was unable to put out the heat.

Lilian’s towel had loosened earlier due to Roel struggling during their embrace. She did react swiftly to grab the end of the towel to cover her body, but ironically, her reaction only made the visual impact of the slip-up even more powerful.

Roel felt like he had seen something yet not really so. She barely managed to cover up her important parts with her swift reaction, but the knowledge that the only thing standing between the two of them was a flimsy towel was frighteningly tempting. He felt something tugging at his heartstrings.

On the other hand, Lilian’s face immediately turned bright red. She had never had a relationship of any kind with a man, and being abruptly exposed before Roel in such a manner left her in a fluster. She readjusted the towel in a panic, hoping to cover more of her body, but her flustered movements were hardly helping at all; if anything, it only made things worse.

At this point, Roel dared not stay in the bedroom anymore. Without further ado, he grabbed his loose clothes tightly and dashed into the en-suite bathroom.


“I-I’ll go wash up!”

He made his escape frantically, but while closing the door to the bathroom, he unwittingly turned around and ended up seeing Lilian’s back. Her beautiful curves under the soft glow of the morning sun were a critical hit to him.

A-ah… Senior is really beautiful.

Roel soaked himself into the warm bathtub and rubbed his own face to wake himself up.

Should I say as expected of the imperial bloodline?

Similar to the thousand years of lineage in the Ascart House, the Ackermanns with an even longer history have been in a cycle of marrying attractive spouses and giving birth to attractive children to the point that physical attractiveness is encoded straight into their DNA sequence.

Her body is as alluring as a carefully sculpted masterpiece, making it nigh impossible to find a flaw in her.

For a brief instant there, Roel actually was relieved by his regression.

If their bloodlines had resonated as strongly as they previously did, Roel might have caved in right there and ‘grandly’ accomplished the mission his ancestors had entrusted him with.

He couldn’t tell whether it was just his imagination or not, b

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