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Morning, at Saint Freya Academy’s Fendt Cafe, famous for its desserts, two ladies were seated opposite to each other at a table, one with brilliant golden hair and the other with lustrous auburn hair.

Nora Xeclyde and Charlotte Sorofya.

The esteemed leaders of the Goldenrose Faction and the Redrose Faction were gracefully having morning tea with one another, but the atmosphere between them lacked cordiality. After all, it was a private meeting. Had it been a business meeting instead, they would have at least tried to maintain an impartial attitude to fulfill their responsibilities.

The two of them had been arguing for the past month over the allocation of Roel’s schedule, and it was only out of graciousness that they were maintaining a minimal level of courtesy with one another.

Besides, they weren’t gathered here today to resolve their personal differences. It was to discuss a letter that had been delivered to each of their residences earlier in the morning to inform them of something that was extremely concerning.

“Are you aware that Roel and that woman have gone in pursuit of the evil cultists?”

“Of course. I know everything about darling, so how could something as important as that elude me?”

“What’s your take?”

“… Not of concern.”

Charlotte responded to Nora’s vague question with an equally vague answer. The latter pondered quietly for a moment before nodding in agreement.

As Roel Ascart’s protector and fiancée, both Nora and Charlotte were extremely wary about Roel enrolling at Saint Freya Academy. Unlike in the Ascarts’ manor, there were simply far too many opportunities here for conniving vixens to try to get close to him.

‘Graveyard of Lovers’ and ‘Paradise of Vixens’, some had dubbed Saint Freya Academy. Far too many engaged couples and childhood friends had fallen prey to this treacherous land that only the foolish would dare to take it lightly.

While Nora and Charlotte had their fair share of fights since the start of the semester, they stood on the same front when it came to repelling outsiders. So far, they had already taken down three vixens, but even so, there was still one woman they dared not to get careless against.

Lilian Ackermann.

She was a formidable adversary who wouldn’t pale in comparison in terms of strength, background, and appearance. She was the worst enemy for the two of them.

In view of the Ascarts’ odd preference for dominant women, Nora and Charlotte had paid particular attention to Lilian ever since enrollment. But with Roel and Lilian clashing occasionally in public, as well as Paul Ackermann’s choice to join the Bluerose Faction over the Purplerose Faction, their worries began to dissipate.

The only reason why they were gathered together to discuss this matter was due to Roel and that woman disappearing together for an entire night.

“One night should have been enough for them to catch up with the evil cultists and apprehend them. Did they me

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