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My body feels heavy.

Roel Ascart slowly opened his eyes. In his semi-conscious state, he saw an unfamiliar ceiling above him. It was a white tapestry embroidered with golden flowers that looked comfortable to the touch.

He also spotted white drapes fluttering around him.

This unfamiliar sight stunned him. It took a while before his brain slowly began starting up.

No, this isn’t the ceiling. It’s… the top of a canopy bed?

Roel had never slept in a canopy bed before, but his half-awake mind was still capable of processing basic information. He continued looking around groggily.

The ends of the bed look so far away. This bed is really huge.

My clothes are really loose too. I guess they must have ripped in the midst of battle.

With such thoughts in mind, Roel pushed himself off the bed to sit upward. He blinked his little eyes and ruffled his messy hair. His mind still felt hazy from having just woken up.

A breeze entered through the window and tugged at the drapes, revealing a mirror on the dressing table that reflected an adorable little boy.

The boy seemed to be around seven to eight years of age. His delicate appearance was reminiscent of the pureblood elves in legends, be it his smooth white skin, beady golden eyes, or his glistening lips. His dazed appearance from having just woken up looked really adorable, tempting one to give him a tight hug.


The foreign face in the mirror startled Roel, jolting him awake. He rubbed his eyes intensely before taking another look, but the reflection didn’t change.

Huh? Why is my reflection that of a child… W-wait a moment!

A possibility suddenly arose in Roel’s mind. He lowered his head and saw that his clothes were loose but undamaged. He hurriedly looked at his palm right after, but they were strangely small.

His eyes slowly widened in horror as all the evidence was backing one frightening possibility.

He anxiously crawled to the corner of the bed and pushed aside the drapes so as to get a closer look at himself in the mirror.

“This is… me?”

Roel was stunned by the irrefutable truth presented before him. He was also able to figure out the cause behind this anomaly.

It’s the side effect of Time Devourer.

Temporal spells were practically nonexistent on the Sia Continent. Only the Six Calamities had the power to pull off something like this.

Upon comprehending the situation, he quickly moved on to examine his current physical condition, but the results were completely unacceptable to him.

His bloodline seemed to have fallen into hibernation, severing the window of connection he had with Grandar and Peytra. He had lost most of his mana as well. It wasn’t just his appearance that had turned into a child; his strength had regressed correspondingly too.

Losing all of his powers was indubitably the worst-case scenario for Roel. He felt even more panicked than when he first regained his memories of his past life and fo

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