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What were the famous spots for lovers in the Sia Continent?

Each country had its own answer to this question.

Those who resided in the south of the Austine Empire would probably name the Leumann Forest, where the legend of Charles the Second proposing with the Nightglow Butterfly swooned many. Every February, the Milton House would hold an extravagant banquet for nobles with plenty of activities that promised attendees a good time.

For those living in the north, nearer to the capital, they were more inclined to visit one of the vassal states of the Austine Empire—the Eirbowir Dukedom.

The Eirbower Dukedom was one of the earliest vassal states of the Austine Empire. It was a fairly large country located in the northern frozen lands, bordering Knight Kingdom Pendor. Its infertile soil was unsuitable for farming, and it had hardly any precious resources either. It was so impoverished that even the ambitious Austine Empire chose not to annex it.

But as centuries passed after the mass migration, the average standard of living of the populace started to improve, resulting in a certain industry prospering in Eirbower.

Every summer, an aurora would grace the night sky of Eirbower. It was one of the few natural sceneries that the people of Sia enjoyed despite most tourists preferring to holiday in bustling cities.

During ancient times, the aurora was viewed to be a symbol of Sia’s approval, and it was a common theme in many legends. It was generally viewed as an auspicious omen, though lovers took a completely different meaning to it. It was believed that couples who watched the aurora together would receive Sia’s blessing.

… Yeah, it definitely reeked of an embellished tale in a tourist trap.

But even lies would sound convincing when regurgitated again and again. Such rumors had already been spreading in the Austine Empire for a few centuries now that it managed to evolve into a legend in the present day.

More and more people were buying into the story, turning Eirbower into a renowned honeymoon spot for nobles from the Austine Empire and Knight Kingdom Pendor. Every May, many newlyweds and engaged couples would journey to Eirbower’s snowy mountain, filling the roads with opulent carriages.

It formed a virtuous cycle. The legend attracted people to Eirbower, which, in turn, produced stories that contributed to its credibility. In fact, there were many romance stories about famous historical figures who had visited Eirbower over the years.

It was said that Gorman the Second, an emperor of the Austine Empire, had once visited the Eirbower Dukedom under the pretext of sightseeing in order to scout the area for his expansion plans. While he was admiring the aurora, he happened to chance upon an Eirbowerean princess, and the two of them immediately felt attracted to one another. Love bloomed between the two of them, and they eventually got married.

Due to this encounter, Gorman the Second viewed Eirbower a

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