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W-what is this creature? How could there be something as adorable as this in the world?

That was the only thought left in Lilian’s stalled mind as she stared at the unconscious boy in her arms.

He had fair and smooth skin, long fluttery eyelashes, small cherry lips, a pair of little ears, long flowing hair, and a delicate androgynous face. His body was soft and incredibly comfortable to hug, almost like a little plush toy.

Just looking at the little boy made Lilian’s heart pound faster. He was so adorable that she just wanted to cuddle up to him, but she soon snapped out of her trance.

“No, how could Roel turn into a child? This is…”

Upon remembering just how unnatural the current situation was, Lilian descended into a fluster.

Despite the huge change in his appearance and age, Lilian was certain that the little boy in her arms was Roel Ascart. Her certainty came from their bloodline resonance, though it had become so weak that it was almost imperceptible.

She struggled to come to terms with this ridiculous turn of events.

Roel turned small? How is this possible?

All sorts of spells had been created by transcendents over the long history of the Sia Continent, but very few of them had spatial or temporal implications, be it the spell’s effects or side effects. Lilian had heard of spells that had the side effect of hastening one’s aging process, but never had she seen one that caused age regression before.

The powers of the Crown’s Stones had far surpassed her imagination.

She closed her eyes to calm herself before starting to check on Roel’s condition.

There was hardly any mana pulsation coming from him anymore. His bloodline was still present, but it was at its weakest state ever. These signs suggested that Roel had lost his transcendent abilities, meaning that he had really regressed back to his earlier years.

What made it worse was that there was no saying how long he would remain in this condition.


Lilian fell silent.

This was already a dire situation, but her gut feeling told her that there was more to it.

One anomaly she noticed was that she was irresistibly drawn to Roel, wanting to get as close as possible to him, almost like a junkie. It was certain that this wasn’t the effect of their bloodline resonance since the weakening of Roel’s bloodline meant the weakening of their resonance effect too.

There was something extremely important here that was eluding her notice.

He didn’t just become smaller. To be exact, his childlike form is caused by the regression of his age… But is this really all there is to the side effect? I feel like there’s something far more dangerous here…

Lilian tried to gently touch Roel’s cheek, but the moment her finger came into contact with his delicate skin, she suddenly felt a tingle of exhilaration rippling throughout her body. It was hard to accurately describe the sensation, but it made her feel more spirited and vigorous.

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