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“Father, why do I have to wear this?”

In an immaculate white palace, a young child looked at a tall man with a helmet in arm. It was a question that had been buried in the child’s heart for the longest time, and the man didn’t seem to be too surprised by it either.

Armor was not something a typical child would be fond of, especially when it was so heavy that it hurt just to wear it. It was only normal for a child to want to take it off.

Having to impose such a burden on a child riddled the man’s mind with guilt.

A breeze swept in through the windows, prompting a fluttery dance from the white silk curtains. Knowing that this was necessary for the world, the man sitting on the throne took some time to harden his resolve.

“Based on the prophecy from the Tripartite Alliance, we might face a great catastrophe in the near future. As my successor, you are obliged to conceal your identity and accrue great power. For that, it’s necessary for you to don this armor.

“This armor will hide your weaknesses from the rest of the world. It’ll bring out your true potential and pave your way to the top,” the man replied with a solemn voice.

The child’s face crumbled sorrowfully.

“B-but… the other children won’t play with me when I’m dressed like that!”

“Enjoyment is unnecessary for you. Such distractions will only make you weak. You only need to do things that will make you strong!” the man emphasized.

The child’s head lowered even further.

Silence settled in the palace. Feeling that he might have been too strict, the man rose from the throne and walked down the steps till he was finally standing before the boy. He squatted downward to meet the child’s eyes and sighed softly.

“The Twilight Sages Assembly has been destroyed. That clan has declined for several centuries now, but we must uphold the promise. It’s our responsibility to regulate the world’s order in the wake of their disappearance. This is the only way we’ll have hope against the catastrophe.”


The child knew about the promise that their people had made with that clan a long, long time ago.

“So, I just have to hold on till they return?”

The child looked at the man with hopeful eyes.

“The chances are slim, but if such a miracle does happen, the awakener from that clan is likely to be a great person who can overcome all odds and achieve the impossible. If such a person does appear…”

The man fell into deep thought for a brief moment. Then, he ruffled the child’s head and smiled.

“… find him and entrust it all to him, Wilhelmina.”


In a dream about her distant past, a young woman heard a long-forgotten name echoing in her ears, causing her eyes to shoot open.

It was in the dead of night, and there was hardly any light in this exquisite bedroom she resided in. Silence loomed heavily in the surroundings.

The woman clutched her forehead before slowly sitting upward. The earlier dream had chased away

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