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Tonight’s celebration was hosted in Roel Ascart, Paul Ackermann, and Geralt Stephenson’s honor. They were the stars of the night.

There was not a single empty seat in the massive assembly hall.

On the stage stood a uniformed Lilian Ackermann and dozens of members from the Purplerose Faction and Bluerose Faction who had participated in the raid on the Bloodtribute Cult. They stood with their chests puffed out and a garland around their necks.

Principal Antonio, dressed in a gold-rimmed white robe reserved specifically for major events, stood on the stage as he exuberantly addressed the student populace.

“A month ago, while most students were enjoying their peaceful campus life, a blood envelope was delivered to the newly-founded Request Club of our Saint Freya Academy, informing them of a vile incident. Due to the severity of the matter, the sender chose not to sign off on the letter.

“It was an anonymous report that lacked credibility, but the Request Club, led by Roel Ascart, Paul Ackermann, and Geralt Stephenson, didn’t overlook it. With the limited clues on hand, they challenged the odds and searched for the truth. They sought the Enforcement Division’s aid despite their previous differences and patiently staked out for days. Their efforts paid off, and they successfully eradicated an evil cult hiding in the shadows of our academy.

“Their responsibility, courage, wisdom, and sense of justice are traits that the rest of us ought to learn from. On behalf of the entire Saint Freya Academy, I’ll bestow the three of them a Tier-1 Contribution Medallion. I ask all of you to give your loudest applause to our brave warriors!”

Resounding applause filled up the assembly hall following Antonio’s words. Roel, Paul, and Geralt exchanged gazes before walking onto the stage.

Roel’s appearance stirred a huge commotion amongst the members of the Bluerose Faction in the audience stand. Cheers and whistles sounded nonstop. Nora and Charlotte took the lead to rise to their feet and offer a standing ovation. Lilian also looked in his direction and revealed a ravishing smile.

“T-that… Senior Lilian is actually smiling!”

“… In the years I’ve spent studying here, this is my first time seeing her smile.”

Such remarks could be heard amongst the Austinean students below. Some of them recalled the rumors spreading around recently, and it made them cast doubt on Lilian and Roel’s relationship.

On the stage, a young woman with black hair and blue eyes waited patiently for Roel with a box held ceremoniously in her hands—Melty Sani.

She was the whistleblower of the Blood Envelope Incident, as well as the person whom Roel spent several sleepless days guarding. She had already received a medal for her contribution, but she chose to remain on the stage to officially express her gratitude to her savior.

Roel, Paul, and Geralt walked up to the stage in a line. The latter two received their medals from Principal Antonio him

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