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Why are you suddenly involving everyone into this?

In one of Saint Freya Academy’s meeting rooms, a pink-haired woman showed her little notebook to an armored figure, raising her doubts. William answered her question with a masculine voice altered by her armor.

“It’s not my will. It was Lord Antonio’s request.”

Lord Antonio?

“That’s right.”

William replied with a sigh before proceeding to share the conversation she had with Antonio.

As the first one to arrive at Saint Freya Academy, William paid Principal Antonio a visit last night in hopes of securing his support. She thought that the latter would accept their request given that he was an ex-member of the Twilight Sages Assembly, but to her surprise, he seemed reluctant to have them interfere with Roel Ascart’s daily life. He even imposed a condition if they wanted to transfer into Saint Freya Academy.

Antonio expressed that William’s personal opinion of Roel was likely to be biased, so he wanted more people to participate in the observation so that their team could come to a more objective conclusion. It was a reasonable condition, so William could only accept it.

As a result, the number of students transferring in from Knight Kingdom Pendor’s Saint Fran Academy ended up being more than expected. Teresa was going to be one of the transfer students too, and this matter deeply worried her.

At first glance, the term ‘sequestered houses’ appeared to be referring to houses that had chosen to live in seclusion, but its true meaning lay in the concealment of one’s bloodline origin.

There were little benefits to living in seclusion in a civilized world.

For one, it was difficult to obtain resources without power and connections, and resources were of utmost importance in nurturing the younger generation. Without resources, even the most powerful of houses would fall into decline. No house would do something as detrimental as going into seclusion unless the circumstances forced them to.

As such, ‘sequestered houses’ didn’t refer to old heroes who had decided to humble themselves in some small village. On the contrary, most sequestered houses were actually renowned noble houses in Knight Kingdom Pendor.

As for why they had to conceal their bloodline, that was because most of them had bloodlines originating from foreign races. While they wielded great power, there were also huge downsides to their abilities.

The Xeclydes’ Angel Bloodline was renowned all over the world, and the Sorofyas’ High Elf Bloodline had become synonymous with nobility when the Rosa Merchant Confederacy rose to prominence. Even the Cambonytes’ Dragonblood Knights were highly respected on the Sia Continent.

These showed that the bloodlines of foreign races weren’t necessarily a bane. Those could become a reason why they ought to be placed on a pedestal and be revered by the common populace.

But what if the bloodline is unstable? What if it came with flaws? What if it w

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