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Half a month ago, shortly after Roel recovered from his distressing physical regression, he found himself face to face with a familiar nightmare he had put behind him a year ago.

He was having an afternoon nap in the Carriage of Sinners when he felt a chilling intent enveloping him, both in reality and in his dream.

It was a pair of beautiful yet unfathomably cold eyes, staring at him across the boundaries of space-time. It rendered his body so cold that his heartbeat stilled to a halt. It was only when those eyes finally left that he jolted awake.

His body lurched upward in shock as he gasped hard for air. His clothes were completely drenched in cold sweat. The attention of the Mother Goddess definitely didn’t bode well.

Roel wasn’t too surprised by the Mother Goddess’ fixation on him. He did absorb Her God Envoys’ powers, after all. Being eyed by a god placed him under tremendous stress, and he knew that he needed to find powerful allies on his side if he wished to survive the Mother Goddess’ wrath.

This happened to coincide with another goal of his—saving Astrid Arde.

Having been through the Witness State four hundred years ago, Roel was well aware of Magician King Priestley’s tremendous strength. It was likely that Astrid had suffered grievous wounds in the midst of bringing Priestley down, though the fact that the continued existence of the Dream Realm in the Blackrose Ring was evidence that she was still alive.

That being said, he was lacking information to make any decisive moves.

There were two ways for him to gain information. One was through Guardian Antonio and the other through ‘fake A.I.’ Magaret.

He hadn’t come into contact with either of them since he had only just returned to the academy himself, but it was likely that they were helpless regarding Astrid’s situation too.

Over the past four hundred years, Antonio had reached the peak in terms of influence, power, and standing. If he really knew of a means to make his ex-mentor return to the world, he would have already realized it by now.

The same went for Magaret, who had only started managing the academy due to Astrid. If there was a backup plan that worked here, she would have already evoked it by now.

If ‘Academic’ Astrid hadn’t returned over a lengthy four hundred years, it could only mean that her condition was worse than he had expected. This was also why Roel decided to use Goddess of Fate’s Guidance for that.

From a personal point of view, both he and Lilian had a good impression of their ancestor and wanted to help her. From a realistic point of view, having an Origin Level 1 ancestor as his stalwart ally was more reliable than anything he could do right now.

With these two motivations behind it, Roel murmured his wish and the blessing activated.

【Activating Blessing ..】

【Activation successful】

【There’s a chance that you’ll receive fate’s guidance】


【You have received guidance from the God

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