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“Roel? You’re fine! Thank Sia!”

Several minutes after William and Teresa’s departure, Charlotte found the room Roel was in through her connection with the Golden Soul and barged in through the windows. Upon seeing that he was fine, she leaped forth to tightly embrace him.

To her surprise, Roel’s reaction was a little abnormal.

“You’re here, Charlotte. Has the battle ended yet?”

“Mm, it has ended, but your safety is much more important here… Is there something there?”

Charlotte noticed that Roel was staring dazedly at the interior of the room, but she couldn’t find anything worthy of note when she looked over. Roel could tell that she was confused, but he chose not to say anything.

William’s distrust in Nora and the others wouldn’t affect how Roel perceived them, but he wanted to respect their wish for privacy. Putting aside the fact that their ancestors were fellow members of the Twilight Sages Assembly, he was also indebted to them. It would be wildly inappropriate for him to reveal their existence to someone else contrary to their will.

“It’s nothing much. I was just curious why there was a barrier erected around this room. Someone important must have rented this room.”

“It should be someone of distinguished standing judging from the extravagant interior decor. The barrier was able to block off the black miasma? That means that the caster of the barrier has received the blessing of a god.”

“The occupants are probably watching the aurora at the Blessing Square.”

Roel carried the topic across with a chuckle.

Fortunately, Charlotte was not in a mood to probe deeper into this matter. The battle with the Saints Convocation had just ended, so she was more worried about her contribution to the battle and the final verdict regarding the allocation of Roel.

It was no wonder why people said excessive competition was terrible for an industry. With multiple competitors gunning for a single prize, the ladies wouldn’t hesitate to resort to underhanded measures so that they could emerge victorious above everyone else.

Anxious to return to the scene, Charlotte lifted Roel into her arms and quickly left the room, not giving this matter much thought. Meanwhile, Roel started musing over his earlier encounter.

He truly didn’t expect to meet William and Teresa here, but it allowed him to grasp important information that he was previously unaware of.

It should be safe to say that the Dawnbringer Order was an attempt to bring back the Twilight Sages Assembly, albeit in a slightly different fashion. If the goal of the Dawnbringer Order was really the same as the Twilight Sages Assembly, Roel was fully supportive of this move.

There were simply far too many threats lurking in this world that there was an urgent need to build a specialized team to tackle them. Things might still look relatively peaceful at the moment, but it would be too late once things blew up.

There was just one thing Roel was conc

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