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At that time, Lilian’s Special Ops Team and Paul and the others were already hiding in the forest near Fulte’s Stop, ready to strike as soon as the call was made.

The students of the Saint Freya Academy had a monthly break that was five days long, and that was proving to be a good thing right now. No matter how the students of the Enforcement Division and Request Club tried to cover their tracks, there was no way they could hide their absence from classes. Fulte’s Stop was simply too far away from the central district.

Of course, a couple of people missing in a classroom that was several hundred students big wouldn’t really catch much attention, but that rule didn’t apply to public figures like Roel and Lilian.

Besides, while Roel thought that it was less likely for there to be evil cultists amongst the students, he couldn’t exclude such a possibility either. He knew that the sly evil cultists would surely get away if they were to catch wind of their plans in advance, so he wasn’t willing to take that risk.

So, the best time to make a move was before the break ended.

Fortunately, Roel remembered that the perpetrator made his move before the break came to an end, while everyone was still busy preparing for their classes on the following day.

And the scene of the crime was no other than the house he was currently in.

In Melty’s dormitory house, Roel calmly went through the results of his investigation report with the black-haired woman sitting before him, not hiding anything from her. He did consider withholding information from her so as to ensure her mental stability, but he dropped the idea after careful consideration.

He needed Melty to know the peril she was facing so that she would maneuver safely and avoid making any reckless movements. All it would take was a moment of carelessness from her to provide the perpetrator an opportunity to end her life.

When Melty learned that Cheryl had been caught by the evil cultists and could possibly be dead by now, she broke down and began weeping uncontrollably.

“P-pardon me, Lord Bluerose. I just can’t…”

Melty tried to wipe away her tears, but she couldn’t stop more from flowing down. Roel looked at her quietly, choosing not to say a word. He knew that she needed to vent her emotions.

The sorrow from a close friend in peril and the fear of being eyed by evil cultists; these burdens were far too great for someone who had barely come of age to face. She was indubitably in a vulnerable position at the moment, but unlike in the game, she had Roel by her side now.

“Miss Melty, I understand the sorrow and fear you’re going through at the moment, but I’d like to tell you that you aren’t alone anymore. What you have done is not meaningless.”

Roel chose not to speak words of comfort but to inform her of the truth in his gentlest voice.

“I might be the only one here with you right now, but I can assure you that there are hundreds from my Request Club an

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