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Roel had no idea how many creation transcendents there were in the academy. He had been far too busy both in the day and at night that he couldn’t afford to spare any attention to care about such stuff.

But while he hadn’t been paying any focus to it, someone else was—Lilian.

As a Third Grade student, she was far too familiar with the circumstances surrounding the creation transcendent in the academy. The first class was still alright, but she wouldn’t be able to avoid facing Roel for future combat practices. For this reason, she felt averse to this class.

After entering the summoning classroom, she headed straight for the seat that was reserved for her by the members of the Purplerose Faction. Over ten Austine nobles took their seats around her, leaving no room for anyone else to approach her.

Given so, there was no way for Roel to sit close to her, though it was not as if he would do so even if he could.

However, what surprised Roel was that he was also swiftly surrounded by people.

It was no secret to the student populace that he was a creation transcendent—after all, privacy was nonexistent to public figures—so it was inevitable that many of his classmates would make use of this opportunity to get close to him. It was just moments after he settled down at the back row that people started swarming around him like bees drawn to a flower.

“Pleased to meet you, Roel. I am…”

“Roel, do you have time later on? What do you think about having lunch together?”

“You’re intending to recruit members for your Bluerose Faction, right? I can help you with that.”

“Thanks for your offers, but I have no such intention at the moment.”

Amidst the swarm of female students, Roel put on a graceful noble smile and politely rejected their goodwill. His impeccable etiquette made it seem like he was dealing with them with ease, but the truth was that he was already starting to tire out.

It had been years since Roel had to deal with any women approaching him at social settings. In the Theocracy, Nora and Alicia were terrifying alpha wolves in banquets whom no one dared to get in between, and in Rosa, the Sorofya House was an overwhelmingly dominant power that few dared to go against.

As a result, it had been a long time since he had been swarmed by women like this.

The overwhelming influx of questions and invitations was far too much for Roel to handle, and for the first time, he started to understand the importance of having faction members.

There were occasions where a Ringbearer needed supporters, such as in Lilian’s case at the moment. Under the protection of her faction members, she was able to listen to her class in peace and do her own stuff. On the other hand, the loner Roel had no choice but to deal with these pursuers alone.

What made it more troublesome was that not everyone around him bore goodwill toward him. There were enemies who wanted to fling mud on his reputation, women who wanted to tak

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