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“Darling, did you not sleep well last night?”

Under the bright noon sun, an auburn-haired beauty looked at the black-haired man seated opposite to her as she asked.

Roel was massaging the space between his eyebrows when he heard Charlotte’s words and raised his head. Faced with her clear emerald eyes, he hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“Something like that. I… had a nightmare last night.”

“A nightmare?”

“Mm. It was a peculiar nightmare,” replied Roel with a strained smile as he gazed down at the scenery beneath him.

The two of them were currently seated at the top level of the Ceruleansky Tower located near the edge of the commercial street. It used to be a meteorological tower, but it was later refurbished into a luxury restaurant.

The restaurant went for the super high-class route, opting to only provide outdoor seating consisting of a table of two in each of its four balconies. It was only open for breakfast and dinner, which meant that it only hosted a total of sixteen customers each day.

Despite its small customer base, the revenue of the Ceruleansky Tower was still ranked in the top three amongst all of the luxury restaurants in the Saint Freya Academy. This was indicative of just how expensive its food and service was.

Of course, the Ceruleansky Tower also had its unique selling points that justified its sky-high price tag, such as its scenic overlook of the academy and its top-notch Brolne chefs.

Roel would have surely enjoyed Charlotte’s treat had it been a day ago, but gazing upon the scenery of the noon academy only left him with an uncomfortable feeling now. He couldn’t help but recall the more chilling version of it he had seen yesterday night.

The nightmare last night left Roel with many questions in mind, be it the empty academy, the terrifying black-robed figures, the whispers of a mysterious language, and the empty bed. He wasn’t able to find any answers to any of his questions, and the realization that he wasn’t afflicted with the side effects of Glacier made him confused about the nature of the nightmare he had been through.

Was it the guidance of the Blackrose Ring or just a simple nightmare?

If it’s the guidance of the ring, what was it expecting me to achieve? Am I to find clues and piece together the truth or defeat those monsters?

The streets that were now bustling with life had been deathly silent yesterday night in his dream. It was such a jarring contrast that it left him a little disconcerted.

Before he could snap out of his daze, he suddenly felt a pair of warm hands on his cheeks.

“Darling, what’s wrong?”


Roel raised his eyes once more, only to find that Charlotte had walked up to him at some point in time, looking at him with deeply worried eyes. He quickly adjusted his state of mind and explained the matter.

“I didn’t sleep well last night, and the lessons I had earlier in the morning were a little tough.”

“I see. Miss Ch

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