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A month passed in a flash.

The weather was starting to turn warm as the seasons marched toward summer.

In the master bedroom of the Azure Manor, an alarm clock suddenly went off, and a black-haired young man opened his eyes. With a light swing of his hand, he silenced the noisy clock with his mana.

Unlike other days, Roel didn’t sit up right away. He continued lying in his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Today happened to be a rest day for the Saint Freya Academy. While the alarm clocks went off as usual, the campus was still quieter than usual.

Unfortunately, rest days didn’t necessarily spell a break from work. Roel was one perfect example of that—heck, he was even working in his dreams!

Roel sighed softly as he raised his hand and stared at the shimmering Blackrose Ring sitting on his finger. A heartened smile curled on his lips.

It has grown once again. Good… but it’s so exhausting.

He thought about the fight he had just been through in his dreams and sighed softly. He had been so busy over the past month that he only wore the Blackrose Ring to sleep eight times in total. Prioritizing his safety over all things else, he chose to only target solitary black-armored soldiers.

After crossing blows with the monsters in his dream several times, he noticed that the only ones with commanding power were the black-robed figures. Ever since they noticed his intrusion, the black-robed figures would always be accompanied by at least five black-armored soldiers, though it was worth noting that the black-armored soldiers would gradually scatter whenever the black-robed figures weren’t around.

He had killed over fifty black-armored soldiers to date, but for some reason, the number of monsters in the dream world only seemed to be increasing. He hadn’t been able to make sense of this bizarre phenomenon yet, but his intuition told him that it didn’t bode well. It was likely that the circumstances were worsening in one way or the other.

Just thinking about it left Roel with a headache, prompting him to massage his temples. The only thing he could do now was to unlock the Second Authority as soon as possible in hopes of getting some clues from Margaret.

Aside from the problems in the dream world, he also had his hands full with the recruitment for the Bluerose Faction and the establishment of the Request Club. Fortunately, things were proceeding smoothly for those two matters.

Thanks to Paul’s efforts, the Bluerose Faction managed to recruit over fifty people over the span of a month. It was humble compared to Nora and Charlotte’s factions, which were hundreds of members strong, and most of the recruited members were still in their trial phase, but at least it was good progress for a faction that had started from ground zero.

Most of the recruits were local Brolne students and the nobles of smaller countries. Based on preliminary observation, they appeared to be upstanding individuals with principles.

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