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Paul could clearly sense Lilian’s gaze turning sharp the moment he made his decision known. The sudden pressure in the atmosphere made him lower his head as he awaited the reprimand from his older half-sister. To his surprise, Lilian didn’t speak a word.

She looked at him quietly, though her heart was hardly as peaceful as how she appeared on the surface.

Born into the Ackermann Imperial Family, Lilian didn’t have much experience with kinship or getting along with younger siblings. This was the first time she was coming into contact with the existence known as ‘younger brother’. She felt obliged to take care of him as the elder sibling here, but she didn’t expect that she would be turned down at the very first step.

Paul’s refusal to join the Purplerose Faction wasn’t a big issue to her; if anything, she thought that it was a wise decision. While it disallowed her from using the influence of her faction to protect Paul, she was still able to offer him help from time to time. She did have the means to do that.

However, it would be a whole new story if Paul were to join another faction. It was equivalent to Paul choosing an outsider over Lilian, and such a decision obviously had major consequences.

No matter how much Austine’s nobles shunned Paul, he was still a bearer of the Ackermann family name. It was unacceptable for a prince of the great imperial family to lower his head to an outsider, not to mention that Roel was from the Theocracy.

That man couldn’t have overlooked the implications, so why did he still choose to take in Paul?

“Is this your decision?”


“I’m asking if you’re the one who requested for this on your own accord.”

“Y-yes, it is. I looked for big brother Roel yesterday and asked him for this request. I haven’t met him since the entrance ceremony, so I didn’t think that he would really accept me.”


The smile of gratitude on Paul’s lips brought a rare frown onto Lilian’s face.

She was finding it hard to comprehend Roel’s actions, but she decided to hold her tongue and not say anything. She could tell that Paul had already made up his mind, and it was unlikely that she could sway his decision.

“If you have truly made up your mind, I’d presume that you’re prepared for the consequences too? Your act of joining another person’s faction means that my Enforcement Division won’t be able to offer you any help.

“If this is a trap, you’ll be fighting all on your own. On top of that, your action will be strongly condemned by our people, and it might even turn our father against you. You might be placed in a worse position than before.”

Lilian calmly voiced out the difficulties that Paul could potentially face along the way, and it made the latter’s face stiffen. He thought about the words Roel had spoken on his Bluerose Ring yesterday, and he eventually nodded after a moment of silence.

“I trust big brother Roel. Rather than winning the approval of those hypocritic

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