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The remedial classes that Lilian Ackermann was holding for Roel Ascart were to be kept confidential for various reasons.

In the first place, it was simply wrong for an imperial princess of the Austine Empire to be tutoring a high noble from the Theocracy. On top of that, if the student populace were to learn that Lilian was tutoring Roel, it would give out the impression that she was superior to him, and this would have adverse implications in terms of public perception for a Ringbearer.

One must know that Roel was intending to form his own faction in the future. If the members of his faction were to learn that their boss was Lilian’s tutee, they would never be able to raise their heads before the Purplerose Faction.

And most importantly of all, Nora and Charlotte would surely object to it. From Lilian’s point of view, that would also be equivalent to defying Emperor Lukas’ command too.

With such factors in play, they swiftly came to a consensus about keeping this remedial class confidential.

Roel was thankful to Lilian for her help here, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated at her quirks, such as this entrance password. What the hell was ‘Teacher’s Mission’?

It was almost as if Lilian intentionally chose this password so as to remind Roel not to think too much into it. Naturally, he opposed the idea of using a password, but the power of choice wasn’t exactly in his hands. Since Lilian refused to budge on her decision, he could only go along with her.

Heh, did you think that you’re the only one with a mission here? I also have a mission from my ancestor too!

Roel consoled himself as he pushed the heavy doors open and entered the classroom. He immediately spotted Lilian standing by the podium.

She was wearing a conservative Austine black formal gown that covered both of her legs and tightened around her waist, accentuating her slender figure. There was also a bowtie before her chest that gave a slight touch of mischief to her appearance.

Roel was so surprised by her different attire that he couldn’t resist taking a second look.

While Lilian always maintained a cold front before him, there was no denying that she was a looker. When Roel’s eyes fell upon her flat stomach, his heart couldn’t help but skip a beat as Ro’s words echoed in his mind.

W-w-wait a moment, what am I thinking?!

As Roel’s mind started to overheat, he quickly averted his gaze and made his way over to the first row to take his seat.

Usually, when fellow students were tutoring one another, they would sit next to one another to make it convenient to speak to one another. However, it was clear that Lilian had no intention of sitting next to him, resulting in the classroom turning into another lecture.

It was quite a queer setting, but Roel could only accept it.

To his surprise though, despite Lilian’s cold attitude, she was extremely serious in her lessons. Her explanations followed a co

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