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Three days had passed since Roel started camping in Melty’s dormitory house. There had been no changes in Melty’s life within these three days. She continued heading to the commercial street, the light music band club, cafés, and everywhere else she had been to while investigating Cheryl’s case.

It was worth noting that these were all public places that boasted a huge crowd during the holidays, and she would always make sure to return with the crowd at night.

She couldn’t afford to be alone for her own safety, but at the same time, she had to act normally in order to numb the enemy. This was what Roel had requested from Melty.

This task proved to be extremely stressful for a young, untrained woman.

Her heart wouldn’t stop beating in unease as she walked down the commercial street. Ever since she heard the full story from Roel, the feeling of being watched suddenly felt much more intense to her. She usually tried her best to shrug it off, but today, her intuition simply wouldn’t stop screaming warnings at her.

An ominous premonition grew in her mind, and she instinctively understood that the evil cultists were going to make a move soon.

This realization caused her face to stiffen up, and her hands simply wouldn’t stop trembling. She was in such a bad condition that her friends noticed her unnatural state and began asking if she was fine. There was a moment of silence as the faces of Roel and Cheryl surfaced in her mind, and she finally overcame her fear and attributed her condition to menstrual cramps.

It was a reasonable explanation, so no one thought too much about it. In view of Melty’s poor condition, they decided to return to the dormitory together.

As soon as Melty entered her house, she locked up the door as fast as she could, ran over to the sofa, and hugged a pillow tightly. She couldn’t stop her body from trembling.

“Lord Roel, are you there?

“Yes, I’m here.”

A voice that echoed out of nowhere sent an overwhelming rush of relief to Melty that her tears started pouring down. She covered her face behind the pillow while apologizing with a choked-up voice.

“I’m sorry, Lord Roel. I…”

In a grayish parallel space, Roel sat on the sofa opposite to her. Watching as the frightened lady sobbed her eyes out, he sighed softly.

“… Be strong. I have a feeling that he’ll appear soon. We’re already at the final part of the race.”

A gentle voice comforted Melty, and she nodded her head slightly. It took a while before she wiped off the tears on her face and forcefully composed herself.

“I apologize for my cowardice, Lord Roel.”

“No, you have been incredibly brave.”

Just looking at the lady before him made his heart ache a little. Be it in body and soul, it was clear that Melty was already at her limit.

It’s about time to end things.

With such thoughts in mind, Roel grabbed his staff tightly and offered his promise.

“If I’m not mistaken, the perpetrator will be making a

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