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Roel wouldn’t have been too surprised if he had received a blood-red envelope in his previous life. Many love letters took on such a color, and it represented feelings of affection and fondness. However, on the Sia Continent, this color had a more ominous connotation to it.

Those living in the modern era were accustomed to peace so they weren’t too sensitive to the color of blood, but in the much more dangerous Sia Continent, the color of blood was bound to provoke one’s cautiousness, especially if one was a transcendent. An envelope dyed in such a color could be viewed as a warning.

Geralt’s first thought upon seeing this envelope early in the morning was that it was a prank letter. It wasn’t uncommon for cowardly mice who dared not show themselves to send in all sorts of insulting letters to the Request Club to put Paul down. Such ridiculous behavior infuriated him, but there was nothing much he could do about it.

However, being brought up in a military household had taught him to be meticulous in whatever he did. No matter how irksome Geralt thought those insulting letters were, he would still make sure to take a look at their contents.

Unexpectedly, his meticulousness paid off today.

This blood envelope contained a long request letter that spanned three sheets of papers, and the tone looked earnest despite its bizarre content. The handwriting appeared to belong to a woman, though the letter wasn’t signed off by anyone.

“The sender likely chose to use a blood envelope to catch our attention. If what’s written inside is true, the implications are truly massive…”

Geralt solemnly explained the reason why he specially took an hour’s ride from the central district back to the Azure Manor early in the morning. Roel took the envelope, but he didn’t take out the letter and read it right away. Instead, he gestured to the servants and told them to bring an additional chair over.

“Have a seat. You should eat something first.”

“Ah! Thanks, chief.”

Roel’s meticulousness brought a smile to Geralt’s face.

The operations of the Request Club wouldn’t start so early in the morning. It just so happened that Geralt had yet to move into the Azure Manor and he had a habit of running in the morning, so he would usually check out the request letters whenever he ran past the Request Club’s building in the central district. That led to him noticing this peculiar letter, and he immediately rushed over to the Azure Manor on the first available carriage.

Needless to say, he hadn’t had breakfast yet.

Geralt was already starving by this point, so he didn’t hesitate to stuff food into his mouth. Paul told the servants to prepare some more food to accommodate the additional guest. Meanwhile, Roel finally opened up the blood envelope and began reading its content.

The content of the letter was rather complicated, but it was indeed a request for help. The sender hoped that the Request Club could look for an already gradu

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