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In the Country of Scholars, from 8-year-old kids to 80-year-old elders, everyone knew that the students of the Saint Freya Academy came from distinguished backgrounds. Every single one of them were likely to rise to prominence after their graduation.

This fact was particularly important to the ambitious young men and ladies who dreamt of swiftly rising through the ranks.

Unfortunately, it was public knowledge that the Saint Freya Academy was isolated from the rest of Leinster, such that it was famously dubbed as the City in the City. It was not that the students of the Saint Freya Academy were disallowed from leaving the campus ground, but why would they do that when they could already get everything they wanted on the campus?

Without a doubt, this was a huge hindrance to the ambitions of those young men and ladies.

There was a way to get around it though, and that was the National Athenaeum of Wisdom. This vault of knowledge was open to the public, and its access requirement was particularly lax to the students in Leinster. As a result, it became a golden spot for philanderers, though Roel found it a little too noisy for his liking.

As he slowly made his way toward the private reading room, he began searching through his pockets for his student identification card. Students of the Saint Freya Academy didn’t have to pay right away for access to the private reading rooms; they would foot the bills all at once at the end of the semester.

Of course, a Ringbearer like Roel obviously had special privileges. All he needed to do was to flash his identification card and he would be granted free entry.

He stood in the queue in front of the receptionist, and when it was finally his turn, he flashed his student identification card and his Bluerose Ring. The receptionist immediately became much more welcoming, even going to the extent of pointing out the rooms with the best lighting.

Roel thanked the receptionist for his help before heading to the closest one.

The treatment accorded to the Ringbearers was truly excellent. Not only was he accorded a lot of respect, but his reading access in the National Athenaeum of Wisdom was much higher than that of ordinary students too. This was an invaluable gift for someone who needed to read as much as he did.

The private reading room was decent. It couldn’t compare with Nora’s private room in the Holy Capital’s Royal Library, but it had a simple and elegant decor, reminiscent of a typical scholar’s.

There was a table and a chair with a complimentary notebook and pen for those who needed to pen down their learnings. By the side was a tall lamp, a small bookshelf, and a clothes rack. That was pretty much everything in the private reading room, simple but practical.

Roel personally thought that it was pretty good.

He believed that a student should focus on his learning and temper their will instead of indulging in luxury. It was not to say that the environment in the

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