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The Saint Freya Academy was usually bustling at night. Huge crowds could be found in the commercial street, and there would be a long queue of carriages waiting outside the finest restaurants. Youthful hormones seemed to be wafting in the air.

Yet, in Building 1 Classroom 14, the atmosphere between a man and a woman felt oddly stiff.

“Senior, what did you mean by that?”

“I mean it literally. There’s no way for you to achieve a passing grade in the Mana Precision Class.”

Lilian looked at the awful complexion on Roel’s face and further elaborated on the matter.

“I don’t know what you’ve gone through in the past, and I’m not interested in it either. However, you have fixed habits when it comes to mana channeling, and attempting to achieve precise control requires changing all of these habits. This is equivalent to refuting all of the hard work you have put in all this while.”


Roel was appalled to hear those words.

There were some habits that were nigh impossible to change, and this was one of them. His current style of mana channeling was created through the multiple life-and-death battles he had gone through, such that it was impossible for him to just ‘reset and start anew’.

There was a moment of silence before Lilian continued on.

“While you’re incapable of controlling mana precisely, your burst power is exceptional. You’re able to maintain a stable powerful output at a high frequency, and that’s an amazing ability.”

“But it still doesn’t change the fact that I won’t be able to clear the Mana Precision Class. A Ringbearer can’t fail any of his transcendent classes,” replied Roel with a deep frown.

While Ringbearers couldn’t be stripped of their positions, it was possible for their privileges to be rescinded if their examination results were to be unsatisfactory. Just thinking about losing his Azure Manor was more than enough to make his heart ache.

What was worse was the impact on his reputation. If news were to go around that he failed a class, it would undermine his prestige and standing.

Should I look for Chris to ask her to go easy on me? But that would be putting her in a spot too since it’d be equivalent to asking for preferential treatment.

Roel’s face darkened as he felt deeply exasperated by the plight he was in. Unexpectedly, Lilian suddenly spoke up at this moment.

“… It’s not entirely impossible for you to clear the examination.”

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“If it’s impossible for you to pull off the basics, you can just study for the more advanced skill to showcase at the examination. Mana control is a simplified version of spell compression, focusing solely on the ‘control’ while disregarding the more difficult ‘compression’. In your case, however, compression might just be easier for you to pull off.”

Lilian began walking down from the podium as she manifested a white thread between the tips of her fingers. With a swift flick of the thread, she sliced the

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