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An hour later, in the Dancing Butterfly Museum.

Exuberant butterflies could be seen weaving in between flowers while red roses flaunted their beauty. Walking amidst this wondrous scenery with a staff in hand, Roel found himself once again impressed by Charlotte’s amazing sense of aesthetics.

The Dancing Butterfly Museum was a renowned picturesque spot in the Saint Freya Academy, located less than an hour’s walk away from the central district. It had always been adored by female students, but very rarely would a Ringbearer choose it as their base of operations.

Unlike Roel’s Azure Manor, it was simply too expensive to maintain the Dancing Butterfly Museum.

The exuberance of the butterflies were a result of their high standard of living, be it the mini butterfly houses constructed all around the place or the massive magic barrier that was constantly maintained over the garden in order to regulate the temperature.

The maintenance fee for the infrastructure was so high that even the funding a Ringbearer received from the academy wouldn’t be enough to pay it off. Heck, the Ringbearer would even have to fork out a large sum of money from their own pockets too!

Clearly, this was something impractical to most students.

But Charlotte happened to be an exception.

When she heard that the Dancing Butterfly Museum had Nightglow Butterflies, she immediately made up her mind and chose it as her base of operations. The staff members tried to talk her out of it—it was actually not in the list of available buildings for the Ringbearers to select from—but no one could stop her from having her way.

What could the academy do against the willfulness of their number one donor?

The rights to the Dancing Butterfly Museum were eventually given to Charlotte, and she spent a month renovating it. None of the members of the Redrose Faction had moved in yet, so the surroundings were still fairly peaceful.

Roel breathed in the fragrance of the flowers and admired the butterflies perching on his shoulders. Behind him, an auburn-haired woman was carefully examining a blood-red envelope.

“Darling, is this envelope the only possession of hers you have?”

“Yes, this is the only clue in my hands. Is it possible to do it?” asked Roel.

Charlotte pondered for a brief moment before responding with a slight nod.

“Mm. She didn’t use her name or leave any specific personal information behind, but she did cast a spell on the envelope. That fulfills the conditions for some of my divination spells. However, you should know that the less demanding the conditions for the spell are, the more vague the results will be.”

“That’s fine. I just need a rough scope to work with,” replied Roel.

As he spoke, he took out a map of the Saint Freya Academy and laid it on the table. Charlotte directed a nod at him before taking out an old gold coin from the Austine Empire and walking up to the table.

“Using a gold coin minted several cent

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