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The ‘Bloody Envelope Incident’ was a particularly distasteful case due to how it concluded and the bad feelings it left one with.

In Eyes of the Chronicler, Paul and his team also took the blood envelope seriously. After some discussion, they decided to resort to the most straightforward method in the book—taking a portrait of Cheryl around the campus and asking if anyone had seen her. However, they chose to focus not on the students but the coachmen working on campus.

Compared to the students who were bogged down by classes, the coachmen had much more free time and were often traveling around, so there was a higher chance of them meeting with outsiders. The plan did kind of work out as one of the coachmen had indeed met a woman resembling Cheryl.

It was just that the resources the game’s Request Club had at its disposal were severely limited, so their progress was extremely slow. It took them several days just to secure that lead.

Based on the coachman’s account, Paul headed to a mountainous area in the Saint Freya Academy and combed through the area. He eventually found a ‘Book of Truth’ insignia with Cheryl’s name inscribed on its back in a bird’s nest. This discovery led his team to suspect that something had really happened to Cheryl. So, after a moment of hesitation, he decided to pay a visit to Lilian.

A missing token was obviously insufficient to prove that its owner had been kidnapped, so Paul was unable to convince the academy into making a move. However, it was a different story for Lilian’s Enforcement Division.

The Enforcement Division had a Special Ops Team that was filled with Origin Level 4 students from the Third Grade. It was an elite team whose members were personally picked and trained by Lilian, so there was no doubt about their loyalty. It was currently one of the strongest fighting forces in the Saint Freya Academy.

Paul managed to convince Lilian to dispatch the Enforcement Division to thoroughly comb the mountain, and the truth finally came to light.

It turned out that the ‘Bloody Envelope Incident’ was an evil cultist serial murder case that had been ongoing for many years now. The culprits were a teacher in the academy and several evil cultists hiding in a wine cellar in the depths of the mountain.

The teacher made use of his authority to view student profiles in order to pick out low-profile students from humbler families and with many siblings such as Cheryl. Such people tended to continue residing in Leinster alone after their graduation, making them perfect targets.

The goal of the evil cultists was to use their bodies as experimental material for furthering their spells.

Over the span of a few years, there were already seventeen graduates who had fallen prey to their insidious scheme.

Cheryl, whom Paul and the others had worked hard to look for, was already dead from the very start of the case. Lilian’s Enforcement Division did manage to find the wine cellar where t

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