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After entering his bedroom, Roel put his staff by the side before settling down in his chair to gaze at the night scenery outside. A long moment later, he sighed softly.

He had grandly accepted Paul’s request at the dining table earlier, but as soon as he thought about Lilian, who would be tutoring him for quite some time in the future, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilt-ridden.

“Aren’t I cornering myself by daring to steal the younger brother of a bro-con? How should I compensate her for this?”

Roel scratched his head helplessly.

He headed to the bathroom to rinse his body before soaking himself in a warm bathtub. He fondled the Bluerose Ring sitting on his finger as his thoughts wandered around the place.

The words he had spoken to Paul on the dining table were his earnest thoughts. He had no intention of enjoying the privileges of a Ringbearer while shirking off the responsibilities that came with it. At the very least, he didn’t want to turn his back on someone who needed his help and was asking for it.

His sense of responsibility strengthened his determination.

He rose from the bathtub and wiped his body dry before proceeding to wrap the towel around his waist. Then, he headed to his bed and took off the Bluerose Ring. He took out the Blackrose Ring and quietly put it on before lying down onto his bed.

By the time he opened his eyes once again, he was already shrouded in darkness. He channeled his mana into his eyes, but to his surprise, what he saw wasn’t the gloomy night sky he saw yesterday but a foreign-looking ceiling.

He quickly rose up to scan his surroundings.

Soft red carpeting, tables and chairs made out of warmwood, a podium, a censer that had no incense in it, and hanging lights that weren’t lit—these were all he could see in the vicinity.

He was in a classroom.

The lack of enemies nearby made Roel heave a sigh of relief. He glanced at the ring on his finger, confirming that this dream was a phenomenon brought about by the Blackrose Ring. In order to eliminate all other possibilities, he made sure to get into bed with nothing but the Blackrose Ring on him.

It would have been awkward if he had to stroll around this dream without any clothes, but fortunately, he found himself dressed in his usual attire in the dream. It would have been weird to be streaking on campus grounds even if there was no one around to see it.

Roel rose up and cast ‘Light Footsteps’ on himself. He took a moment to adjust his breathing before heading toward the classroom doors.

The doors of the Saint Freya Academy’s classrooms were on the heavier side, but they were made with excellent craftsmanship that they hardly made any sound when opened or closed.

Roel spent a while listening intently for any activities along the corridor before finally pushing it open lightly. He first checked both sides of the dark corridor before verifying his location through the label boards above the cla

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