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A black-haired man and lady were currently sitting opposite to one another in a room in the Nymph Palace. It was known for its delicate interior decor, and it would appear that the rumors weren’t unfounded. However, there was a solemn and tense atmosphere in the room that prevented one from appreciating the aesthetics.

It was just half an hour ago that Roel entered the Nymph Palace and explained everything he knew about the Bloody Envelope Incident to Lilian.

Unlike Paul, he didn’t bother looking for Cheryl’s ‘Book of Truth’ insignia before paying Lilian a visit to request for her help. He didn’t want to waste his time and risk alarming his enemy. Besides, he had confidence in convincing her and making things happen.

Not all words were equal.

Unlike Paul, who was an ostracized illegitimate son of the Austine Empire, Roel was one of the six Ringbearers of the Saint Freya Academy. This legitimized the operations of the Request Club, making it a powerhouse with the backing of the Bluerose Faction.

Anything that came out of Roel’s mouth carried weight, even if there was no evidence behind it. On top of that, Roel wasn’t here to plead for help and assistance; he was here to ask for cooperation.

Roel’s Request Club would provide intelligence on the hideouts of the evil cultists, and Lilian’s Special Ops Team would serve as the main fighting force to encircle and destroy them. This was the proposal he was going with.

Typically speaking, the one with the greatest obligation to defeat evil cultists should have been the Saint Mesit Theocracy, but the students in Nora’s faction were mostly still in the First Grade, so the average fighting prowess was still at Origin Level 5. They were still severely lacking compared to the elite force Lilian had carefully picked out and groomed.

Out of consideration for the vast difference in military might, Roel gave up on the idea of approaching Nora and Charlotte for help.

What he was aiming for here was a perfect victory, and he wouldn’t allow any uncertainty to bog down his plan.

Besides, it was the Enforcement Division’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the students in the academy. They received a huge amount of resources from the academy in order for them to carry out their job properly.

Roel held a cup of tea in his hand as he waited quietly for Lilian’s response. The latter considered the matter carefully before giving a nod of agreement.

“I understand. I’ll personally lead my men to Fulte’s Stop and raid the possible hideouts of the evil cultists.”

“Oh… You have my gratitude for that. To be frank, I didn’t think that you would trust me that quickly.”

Roel thought that it would take a bit more effort to convince Lilian, so he couldn’t help but look at her in surprise when she agreed to his request so heartily.

“Despite the lack of tangible evidence, I don’t think that you would lie about something as serious as this,” replied Lilian calmly.


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