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Just slightly before midnight, in the Azure Manor’s dining room far away from the academy’s central district, Roel watched with twitching cheeks as the black-haired man sitting opposite to him gorged into his food.

As a successor to a marquess house, Roel had seen plenty of young masters and young misses, but never had he seen any of them ravenously wolfing down their food. Seeing how Paul nearly choked himself from stuffing down chicken drumstick, he felt like he had taken in a beggar instead.

Are you here just to freeload off my food? We’re supposed to be talking over dinner, but all I see is you eating and me talking!

Roel sighed softly before taking a sip of wine. He couldn’t help but compare the young man before him with the other far more graceful member of the Ackermanns.

They were both from the same family, but there was such a huge difference between them.

Meanwhile, Paul washed down all of the food in his mouth with a big gulp of water before releasing a satisfied exhalation. It looked as if he had finally come back to life.

“Big brother Roel, thanks for the food. My dining etiquette was probably a little inappropriate due to how hungry I was. Sorry about that.”

“You haven’t eaten for the day? Why?”

“Hahaha, I lost my pocket money so I’ve been starving for the last two days.”


Why don’t you lose yourself while you’re at it too? Oh, wait a moment!

Looking at the young man who was scratching his head awkwardly, Roel suddenly remembered that there was indeed such an event in Eyes of the Chronicler. Paul had lost his money shortly after enrolling in the academy and nearly fainted by the side of a building after starving for two days. It was around then that Charlotte Sorofya stumbled upon him.

Charlotte recognized him as the person who had blocked her carriage on the way to the academy. She should have harbored deep hatred toward him, but his pitiful state evoked her sympathy instead. So, she treated him to a meal, which, in turn, left Paul deeply grateful to her. This became one of the crucial foreshadowings for their future relationship development.

It was supposed to be the first significant event between Paul and Charlotte after their first meeting, so Roel was initially intending to butt in just to be safe. However, he simply had his hands full with far too many things that it slipped his mind.

Who could have thought that Paul would end up seeking him out instead?

Eat all you want, boy!

The sudden realization of just how important this meal was lifted Roel’s mood considerably, resulting in his expression becoming far more amicable. With a grand wave of his hand, he ordered a couple of side dishes so that Paul could eat his fill.

Despite the huge divergence that had occurred from the game, it would be a lie if Roel were to say that he wasn’t bothered by the original plotline. Even if it was just to avert the smallest chance of things going awry, he thought that he

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