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Melty Sani was a Third Grade student with average height and a slightly lean build. She had black hair and blue eyes, a standard appearance for an Austinean.

The Saint Freya Academy was a gathering place for the offspring of the affluent and noble. The Sani House did have some wealth, but being the daughter of a viscount wasn’t much to brag about, and Melty’s results in combat classes had only been average thus far. Due to these reasons, she wasn’t able to join the Purplerose Faction despite being a Third Grade Austinean.

She met Cheryl in a light music club, and the two of them played together at last year’s Academy Foundation Day. From this, it should be safe to say that they were closely acquainted with one another.

After looking through the report himself, Roel crossed his arms and fell into deep thoughts.

Paul and Geralt stood by the side with grim looks as they awaited Roel’s next instruction. The scale of this matter had already far exceeded what the two of them expected out of this peculiar department.

Paul’s initial intention was just to establish an organization to help the students in need, just like how Roel had once helped him. He thought that the worst he would have to deal with were bullies, but he ended up getting involved with something much more sinister.

The ‘Bloody Envelope Incident’ was a serial murder case with more than ten victims. Something of this scale definitely qualified as a major case in any country on the Sia Continent. What made things worse was that like with most cases involving evil cultists, it was hard to tell whom they could trust.

The staff members couldn’t be trusted, the coachmen couldn’t be trusted, and even the general student populace couldn’t be trusted either. The only ones they could really count on were the members in the two factions. It was still barely manageable for the Third Grade students who had tempered themselves through missions, but for the newly enrolled First Grade students, this was definitely severely beyond their scope of expertise.

In the silent meeting room, Paul continuously took deep breaths, but he couldn’t stop his palms from sweating. This was the first time in his life he was being exposed to such a grievous crime.

Sitting opposite to him, Geralt also had an awful look on his face.

The two of them were only able to barely retain their composure due to how self-collected Roel was. Noticing the unusual state the duo was in, Roel sighed softly and advised.

“Remember this, you must never lose your composure in times of trouble. Panic will get you nowhere.”

“My apologies, big brother Roel. I was just taken aback by how severe the incident is.”

Roel could understand where Paul was coming from, but this was a hurdle he would have to overcome. Mental fortitude came not from fearlessness but triumphing over one’s fears. Righteousness came not from knowing not of crime but opposing it.

Paul had the potential to become something

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