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“Hm? This place is…”

The moment Roel opened his eyes, he found himself faced the night sky. There was a chilling wind battering on his body, and the rustling of leaves echoed from his surroundings.

It was a hard surface without any semblance of his bed’s softness he was lying on. He glanced at his surroundings blankly, only to find nothing in his vicinity.

It’s freezing.

“This… isn’t a dream?”

Roel shuddered in response to the cold gale.

The realistic sensations he was feeling told him that something was amiss here, so he hurriedly sprung up to his feet. With a quick glance around, he discovered that he was on some sort of observation deck, granting him a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

He swiftly noticed a familiar-looking building in the distance.

Through the veil of the trees, he spotted the tip of a tall tower that appeared to have been constructed centuries ago. Its distinct architecture allowed Roel to immediately recognize it as one of three buildings he had contemplated amongst for the headquarters of his Bluerose Faction—the tower at the central district.


Roel immediately snapped out of his daze. He quickly rushed to the corner of the balcony to gaze upon the scenery beneath him, only to be stunned.

What’s going on? Have I been kidnapped? Someone took me out of the Azure Manor to the academy’s central district so as to toss me onto this observation deck?

“No, that’s impossible.”

Roel immediately refuted the ludicrous possibility. It was highly unlikely for an Origin Level 4 transcendent to be taken out from his manor all the way to the central district without him noticing, and he had Grandar and Peytra by his side on top of that.

Grandar and Peytra existed in separate dimensional pockets, but except for the times when he was in a severely weakened state, they were constantly connected to him through a window. Anyone who tried to make a move on Roel while he was asleep would surely be caught by those two ancient gods, and they would immediately make use of Roel’s mana to manifest themselves.

It was unthinkable that anyone could simply nab him away onto a balcony without them noticing.

This means that it’s an exceptional situation. Could it be that… Nora suddenly had a bout of inspiration and wanted to try some ‘open’ play?

Nay, that’s just too…

Having no clues at all, Roel shook off the perverted thoughts in his mind and quickly attempted to communicate with the skeleton giant and the Primordial Earth God, only for his complexion to turn awful in the next moment.

“How could this be?”

Roel widened his eyes in disbelief.

“I’m… unable to reach them? Has the window closed? Does this mean that I’m currently in the Witness State? Or did I accidentally trigger something?” uttered the horrified Roel as he struggled to maintain his composure.

He tried perceiving his Origin Attribute and quickly refuted the possibility that he was in the Witness Stat

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