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Along a dark corridor, a one-sided fight was going on.

“Aren’t you good at squeaking? Why don’t you continue squeaking then?”

A black-haired young man stood beneath the light as he smashed his sword into the ‘metal can’ hiding in the shadows. A few strikes later, the black-armored soldier was knocked down to its knees.

He proceeded on to pull the black-armored soldier into the light, but surprisingly, the latter didn’t display any particular reaction to the light. It only fidgeted around out of distress.

It would appear that the light in the watchman office was harmless to them; it was just that they didn’t want to approach it.

Roel sighed softly as his hopes of dominating this dream world with a single lamp shattered into bits. He raised his sword and beheaded the enemy right away.

Knowing that these monsters hated the light, Roel dragged the carcass under the hanging light and began his second autopsy. It turned out that there wasn’t much difference between the monsters, just that this one had one less heart and one more kidney.

“Organ traffickers would sure want to know the secret behind them,” murmured Roel as he returned the bloodied kidney he extracted back to its owner.

He proceeded on to examine its physique, and it turned out that this one didn’t have any abnormally large right arm.

“There’s a significant difference in their physical constitution. This will make things rather troublesome,” remarked Roel with a grim look.

The physical differences between the monsters likely meant that they had different strengths and weaknesses too. He would have to take note of this and proceed carefully.

On top of that, even though their fighting prowess wasn’t as powerful as he thought it out to be, their deep murmurs that held the power to disorientate one’s mind were quite a hassle to deal with. This would greatly increase his exertion since he would have to keep his Origin Attribute constantly active during battle.

Once the autopsy was done, Roel proceeded on to head to another building to slay another black-armored soldier, and once again, he verified that there were significant differences in their physiques.

Though what was more interesting was the changes he noticed with the Blackrose Ring.

“Is it just my imagination or does the Blackrose Ring look brighter than usual?”

Perhaps it was the lighting, but somehow the ring seemed to gleam with a greater luster after he slayed three black-armored soldiers. Before he could take a closer examination at it, the sound of an alarm clock suddenly echoed in his ears.

“Diriring, diriring, diriring…”

There was a slight jolt as Roel opened his eyes to his warm bed, bidding farewell to the world of darkness.

It was yet another glorious morning, and Roel was having breakfast with Paul who stayed for the night.

All expenses incurred by the Azure Manor would be reimbursed by the Saint Freya Academy as long as it didn’t exceed a cer

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