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In some sense, it wasn’t wrong to say that the Ringbearers were almost untouchable in the academy. It was a prestigious position that the students earned through their own strength and was thus inviolable. It was more likely that the principal to be switched out than a Ringbearer to lose his position.

Of course, while there was a clause in the academy’s constitution that could be invoked to dismiss the incumbent principal, the likelihood of it happening was practically null. Even if Antonio were to go senile from this day onward, dressing up as a woman to parade in Leinster’s city square, it would still take at least a year or so for the entire set of procedures to be completed.

As someone who had set a new record in ‘Night of the Demons’, Roel was also accorded special privileges too. In fact, out of respect for the new record holder, the staff members even provided him with a list of buildings and training facilities so that he could pick any one of his liking. The privilege of choice was truly gratifying.

Amongst the many options, three of them swiftly caught Roel’s eyes. One was a tower located near the central district, the second was a cluster of villas by the lakeside, and the third was a manor located further away near the mountainside.

Looking at it in terms of area, the tall tower granted him the least control over his surroundings due to its proximity to the central district. The mountainside manor had much more space being located in a more remote space, and the one that boasted the largest size of all was the lakeside villas. In fact, the lakeside villas came as a package together with the lake.

However, it was usually the quality that mattered more than the quantity when it came to land. In terms of land value, the tower was located in the central district of the academy. The gourmet street and commercial area were a short walk away, and most activities on the campus would be held there too. It would be like living at the heart of a city.

If he chose that location as the base of operations for the Bluerose Faction, he would be able to fully enjoy his student life.

Delicacies would be available just a few steps away from his tower, and he would be in a good position to acquire firsthand news about all sorts of discounts and promotions. It would be convenient for him to join campus activities as well. Even if he was feeling lazy, he could opt to open the window and soak in the lively atmosphere below. Most important of all, he would be able to sleep till just ten minutes before lessons started!

This was practically the ideal student life to him!

If he had been granted this privilege in his previous life, he would have taken it without any hesitation. It was just that there was another factor he had to take into account here—the suitability of the location for the construction of a training ground. Unfortunately, the tower didn’t score well on that aspect since it would be impossible to construct a

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