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It was finally nighttime, and a crowd slowly gathered by the borders of the Fog Forest. The gathering of students brought a bustle to this gloomy place where students would hardly come to.

As its name suggested, the Fog Forest was constantly shrouded in a layer of mana-filled fog. Other than limiting the visibility, the fog also befuddled any magic tools and spells that were typically used to discern directions. Under such treacherous conditions, many of those who dared to enter into the Fog Forest eventually lost their way and were never seen again.

Due to that, the academy marked the Fog Forest as a forbidden area.

The Fog Forest extended beyond the Saint Freya Academy into the southern parts of Leinster. In fact, only 10% of the Fog Forest was located in the Saint Freya Academy.

Due to the high concentration of mana in the forest, there were many precious magic materials that could be harvested from the forest. That was also the reason why many adventurers tried to challenge the odds and venture into the forest hoping to strike it rich, only to end up as another name on the list of missing individuals.

There were some legends surrounding the enigmatic Fog Forest, such as the forest concealing some shocking secret and all sorts of hubble-bubble. These also played a part in inviting curiosity about the forest, though Roel felt that most of those rumors lacked credibility.

Anyway, the reason why everyone was gathered before the Fog Forest at this moment was because it was the entrance to the dungeon.

Despite the dangers of the Fog Forest, those who were blessed by the spirit guides would still be able to remain safe if they only loitered in the outer perimeters of the Fog Forest. As for those who failed to get close to the spirit guides over the last few hours…

“I can do it, really. Please let me in. I’ve prepared a long time for this!”

“Senior, please give me a chance! Let me just give it another try…”

There were two distinct groups at the moment. One consisted of teachers and students with glowing spherical balls flying around them, and the other was filled with students with either desperate or despondent looks on their faces.

The Enforcement Division had cast a special spell at the entrance that would drive away any spirit guides who hadn’t gotten attached to any student, as if jilting their partner. Naturally, those students who lost their spirit guides wouldn’t be permitted to enter the Fog Forest. This was a safety precaution taken to ensure the students’ safety.

There were some tenacious students who were unwilling to give up and tried barging their way into the forest, but they were all taken down before they could even come close.

Roel looked at the group of eliminated students and sighed deeply before turning his attention back to the two motivated young ladies standing beside him.

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll surely acquire a Rose Ring and turn this place into our love nest.”

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