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Lilian listened to Glint’s words quietly without expressing anything at all, which Glint mistook as a gesture of encouragement for Roel.

Glint was taught from a young age that the purer a bloodline was, the nobler it would be. The purest bloodline of all was naturally the imperial family, especially the highly-talented Princess Lilian. She was impeccable in terms of appearance, talent, and bloodline, making her the one and only goddess of Glint’s generation.

But as wonderful as Lilian was, she had a fatal flaw—her coldness. It felt like nothing could faze her at all. Even when Glint won another Rose Ring for the Austine Empire last year, she delivered her congratulations with hardly any expression on her face at all.

Yet, this ice beauty suddenly displayed an interest in two of the freshmen, Paul Ackermann and Roel Ascart.

While Glint despised Paul, he could at least understand why Lilian would be interested in him. Even if Paul wasn’t a pureblood, he had the Ackermann Bloodline flowing through his veins, so it was only normal for Lilian to show some care and concern for him.

However, he couldn’t understand the situation with Roel.

How could a barbarian from the Saint Mesit Theocracy catch Her Highness’ eye?

“He’s no more than a freshman with an ancient magic tool in his hands, nothing worthy of note. I’ve already heard of the matter concerning Cron and Lyte, and it doesn’t seem like he has subdued them personally, right?”

Glint reached for his wine cup as he glanced at Roel’s empty hands in the projection and chuckled softly.

“What a pity for him that it’s forbidden to bring in intelligent magic tools into the dungeon. Without that trump card, he’s no different from any of the other freshmen.”

The students in the First Grade thought that Roel had stepped forward and uphold justice, but Glint thought that Roel had simply made an example out of his seniors in order to build his reputation. His sense of superiority as an Austine noble had marred his judgment with prejudice.

Lilian thought that it all looked so childish and hilarious even.

She had no choice but to accept the Pureblood Theory as a member of the imperial family, but that didn’t stop her from being skeptical about the theory that had hardly any basis at all. As for why she was keeping an eye out for Roel, her interest in him arose from a sensation she felt while she was suppressing Roel earlier in the day.

In truth, she was intending to send out a stern warning to Roel against approaching Paul, and the pressure she exerted was definitely not something one could simply shrug off. Even Glint would have crumbled before the might of her pressure.

Yet, Roel was actually able to bear it with composure. On top of that, she also discovered something peculiar during that short confrontation.

It was just a fleeting instant, but she felt like she had been eyed by something that was inside Roel’s body, something so powerful that even sh

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