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On a grassy hilly terrain, a flabbergasted Roel stared at his ancestor quietly.

The wind blew and the grass rustled. There was a slight spurt of blood from Ro Ascart’s chest. Roel stared at his overexcited ancestor as a question popped into his mind.

How in the world are you spouting such perverted atrocities with such an innocent face?

“Pardon me, but what did you just say?”

“I said that you should knock up the female offspring of the Ackermanns…”

“Okay, you can stop now.”

Roel raised his hand to stop Ro Ascart as he massaged his temples to ease the headache that had started setting in.

“Didn’t you leave behind a message on Kayde’s body, telling us not to trust the Ackermanns?”

“I did, and I still feel the same way. But is there a contradiction between knocking up a daughter the Ackermanns and trusting them?”

“Of course there is!” exclaimed Roel.

He glared at the incredibly composed Ro as his cheeks swiftly reddened. He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself down before continuing on.

“Doesn’t knocking someone up entail marrying that person? How could you marry someone whom you don’t even trust?!”

“Does it entail marriage? That’s an oddly old-fashioned thought coming from someone of the future generation… Cough cough! Anyway, you can just decide for yourself!”

Noticing the ‘Are you a scumbag?’ look coming from his descendant, Ro swiftly changed his tune. It would appear that his descendant had a proper upbringing, which nurtured a strong sense of morals and responsibility within him. It was unlikely someone like that would knock someone’s belly up and shirk responsibility.

On one hand, Ro was gladdened by that since having an excellent character was the most important foundation for someone who had awakened to the Ascart Bloodline. A person who harbored filth in his heart would only provide opportunities for his enemies to bring him down.

But on the other, having an excellent character wasn’t beneficial to the mission he was assigning to Roel. Just looking at Roel’s reddened face was enough to make him shake his head.

Judging by how embarrassed he is, he must have never held a lady’s hand before.

Ro couldn’t help but worry that the lineage of the Ascart House might just end in Roel’s hands. Oblivious to him, while he was not wrong to say that Roel hadn’t really held a lady’s hand before, it was only because it had almost always been the ladies holding his hand instead.

In any case, Roel’s lacking offensive ability when it came to courting girls was a huge issue here.

The Ackermanns was the imperial family of the Austine Empire, the chief propagators of the bloodline purity theory. It was impossible for a daughter of the Ackermanns to harbor any goodwill toward the men of the Ascart House; if anything, it was more likely for her to be guarded against them. Roel might still stand a chance if he was a veteran player, but he just had to be a newbie in the field.

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