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Lilian accepted Chris’ request without much hesitation.

This was not the first time that she had taken on a tutoring role. Last year, as the most outstanding student of ‘Chris’ Classroom’ and the representative of the Second Grade, she took on the job of conducting supplementary classes for her First Grade juniors.

It was worth noting that such practices weren’t the convention in the Saint Freya Academy. In fact, the dynamics of student relationships could differ greatly depending on who the teacher was.

Take the teacher who boasted the most students in the academy for example, Flatley, his teaching ability was naturally at a decent level, but the key reason why the students picked him over his possibly more competent colleagues was the easier examinations he set.

Similar to Roel’s previous life, failing the examinations in the Saint Freya Academy was a nightmare for all students. Not only would they be taking on additional financial burden, but they would risk facing the threat of expulsion too.

It went without saying that failed compulsory classes needed to be retaken, and these retaken classes needed to be paid for too. In fact, in order to ‘encourage’ the students, they would have to pay twice the usual amount for repeated classes, and that was definitely not a small sum given the Saint Freya Academy's already exorbitant tuition fees.

Expulsion cases were even more straightforward. Of the compulsory classes that the students took on every year, anyone who failed five of them would be given a warning. They would have to take a make-up examination at the start of the next academic semester, and if they failed that as well, they would be sent packing right away.

Such strict rules meant that there were plenty of expelled students each year, but a disproportionate amount of them came from the freshmen. It was understandable since they were new to the academy and hadn’t adapted to the environment yet.

Under such immense pressure, having a teacher who would often slip questions he had gone through in class into the examinations a godsent gift. In Roel’s previous life, those people were called ‘Living Buddhas’, but here in the Saint Freya Academy, he went by the name of ‘Light of Salvation’ Flatley.

Due to that, the demand for Flatley’s classes far outstripped the supply. Slots ran out like hotcakes even though he took in more than a hundred students each year. Heck, the slots were even auctioned off at exorbitant prices in black markets!

However, the nature of Flatley’s classes also resulted in his students being less bonded too. They were there just to scrape a pass and that could be pulled off easily enough. There wasn’t much of a reason for students to interact with one another. Even if fellow classmates were to meet one another after graduation, they would simply exclaim ‘Long live Mr Flatley’ and that would pretty much be the only commonality between them.

In contrast to the colder nature of ‘Flatle

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