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“Is he gone?”

Looking at the scattering bits of light, Roel felt indescribable sorrow gripping his heart.

He knew that deep well that the one he had been conversing with was no more than a sliver of his consciousness, and that the real Ro Ascart was already long dead. Heck, their conversation hadn’t even been that long at all!

But he still felt a profound sense of loss when Ro disappeared.

They were kin who shared the same blood ties, as well as comrades walking down the same path. All of these made him feel an intimate bond with Ro, and the latter had openly expressed his goodwill toward him too.

The Ascart House had always faced a lack of progeny, such that most members found themselves had hardly any kin in their respective era. This made them treasure their familial bond even more. On top of that, Roel and Ro were both inheritors of the Ascart Bloodline, so the connection they shared went deeper than anyone else.

Ro appeared to have quite a mischievous character that was at odds with his delicate appearance, but Roel could clearly sense the weight of the responsibility he carried beneath his leisurely attitude. He had provided many clues that likely couldn’t be found anymore in the current era, and Roel had no doubt that they would go a long way in the future.

From Winstor to Ro and finally Roel, it seemed like the three bloodline possessors of the Ascart House were in a relay race to unveil the truth of history. They sought to change their own fate, the fate of the Ascart House, and the fate of humankind as well. Winstor and Ro might have lost their lives in the process of doing so, but their efforts had definitely not been in vain.

The turmoil they had been through helped pave the way for Roel. Perhaps Roel might one day someday meet a premature end walking down this path too, but he couldn’t allow himself to give up just like that.

He couldn’t allow a thousand years of accumulation to be ruined in his hands.

That was the truest thought he had the moment he received the Blackrose Ring.

Roel couldn’t tell whether it was the effect of the Blackrose Ring or the dungeon, but his injuries, afflictions, and depleted mana gradually healed up. Even his tattered clothes were reverting back to their original form. This incredible sight left him feeling deeply impressed about the mystical nature of the ‘Night of the Demons’.

The blurred distinction between reality and illusion in the dungeon produced an amazing phenomenon. However, he was also aware that this phenomenon had been dispelled during his battle against Ro, so it was surprising to see its invocation after he received the Blackrose Ring.

Does this mean that the dungeon’s phenomenon has something to do with the Blackrose Ring?

Speaking of which, wasn’t it practically cheating that the Blackrose Ring was guarded by the monstrously powerful Ro Ascart? Which freshmen could possibly stand a chance against him?

But now that I think abou

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