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In the stadium, the crowd burst into resounding cheers upon witnessing the sight of Grandar destroying a treant with a single punch. More and more people began paying attention to the situation over at Roel’s side.

The Giantwood Forest had definitely traumatized quite a few students in the Saint Freya Academy, leaving them with a painful memory they would never forget about. Senior students would begin gritting their teeth hatefully whenever that place was mentioned. Rather than the seemingly innocuous name of ‘Giantwood Forest’, they believed that it should have been named the ‘Nightmare Forest’ instead, for that place was filled with malevolent intent toward all who dared to journey into its depths.

Everything looked calm and peaceful when the students first entered the field, but in truth, the first wave of monsters was already right before them. They were no other than the vile treants who had disguised themselves as normal trees.

What was even more infuriating was that the treants chose to bide their time to scout out the enemies that posed a greater threat before finally making their move. While the students were still preoccupied with the Demon Wolves, they would lock on to the stronger students and abruptly launch a barrage of powerful attacks.

It was just like the saying, ‘The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind’. In the other trials, the students who fought the bravest and the hardest would receive the greatest reward, but the opposite was true in the Giantwood Forest. Those who performed the best against the Demon Wolves would be mercilessly struck down by the treants.

And once the strongest ones were picked out, the remaining students would be powerless to turn things around, even if they chose to huddle close together and cover each other’s backs at this point.

This was also the reason why it was always a team wipe for the Giantwood Forest.

But unexpectedly, someone actually managed to outwit the treants this time around, and what drove the crowd even more excited was the terrifying skeleton giant he had manifested to punish those vile treants. The moment the giant smashed through the thick tree trunk of a treant, the crowd suddenly felt a blaze of passion running through their bodies.

“Holy shit! He might really just be able to pull it off!”

“Gooooooooo! Exact vengeance for us all!”

Endless cheers roared from the crowd.

Over at the VIP platform, Glint’s face turned livid upon seeing the development of events. The young Ringbearer felt like he had been humiliated in Lilian’s presence, and his only relief was that Lilian wasn’t paying any heed to him at the moment.

“That is…”

A rare hint of emotion surfaced on Lilian’s usually impassive face. Her purple irises dilated, and she even shot to her feet out of sheer agitation. She wasn’t just astonished by Grandar’s appearance since she had already sensed a powerful existence hidden in him earlier on.

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