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It was almost like a conditioned reflex how the crowd began applauding and cheering as soon as they caught sight of a far brighter spirit guide making its way out of the Fog Forest.

They knew that the spirit guides did more than just leading the freshmen into the dungeon; they kept track of the scores too. The brightness of a spirit guide was determined by how much mana it had absorbed, which in turn reflected the number and strength of the enemies a student had defeated.

Unlike the others whose spirit guides were only around the size of a basketball, the one that was currently drifting out of the forest had reached a size where an adult could barely wrap their hands around. This was a clear sign that marked the birth of a new Ringbearer.

The excited crowd stared intently as the blurred figure walking out of the Fog Forest gradually grew clearer and clearer before eventually revealing a young lady with auburn hair and emerald eyes. Her graceful gait further accentuated the impact of her entrance, and the crowd immediately burst into cheers.

“That’s our young miss!”

“It’s that girl from Rosa!”

Charlotte Sorofya directed an elegant smile at the bustling crowd as she quickly scanned the surroundings, only to sigh in disappointment upon realizing that Roel was nowhere to be found.

After the intense battle she had been through, the one thing she wanted the most was to be warmly welcomed by her lover. In fact, she had even thought up of a script. If Roel had been waiting for her in advance, she would offer her hand and request him to help her put on her Rose Ring.

While the Sia Continent didn’t have a custom of wedding rings, the act of putting a ring on a lady was still viewed to be an intimate act done only by couples deep in love. In a sense, it was similar to what exchanging short swords meant in the older times.

It was just a pity that Charlotte’s plan wouldn’t proceed in the direction she wished. She thought that her lover would be able to defeat the Ring Guardian faster than her, but it seemed like she was mistaken.

He must have encountered a difficult enemy, Charlotte thought with a sigh.

There had been many incredible prodigies in the thousand years of the Saint Freya Academy’s establishment. It was only normal that some of the Ringbearers would be exceptionally powerful or were able to hold on for a long time. After all, they were all fighting enemies that were an Origin Level stronger than them, so it was understandable that they might struggle a little.

Well, there was another ‘acquaintance’ of hers who wasn’t out yet, but that was of minor importance.

Charlotte shook off the disappointment glooming in her heart as she walked up to the crowd and raised her hand up high. She channeled her mana toward the exquisite Rose Ring she held between her fingers, which immediately produced a beautiful red aurora. This gesture was immediately met with thunderous applause and roars of delight from th

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