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What is the most important thing in a 1-on-1 match?

Equipment and strategy, perhaps. However, if Roel had to choose one answer amongst many others, it would be ‘attributes’.

In the Sia Continent, the concept of attributes wasn’t as simple as water beats fire and lightning beats water. It was a complex reality he was living in, not a game with a simplified combat system. A transcendent’s spells could come in many different forms, and their bodies would also be enhanced in some ways depending on their Degree of Assimilation. Fighting in this world wasn’t about kneading fireballs and sending waters of tsunami—it was far more dynamic than that.

It was no exaggeration to say that transcendents could use anything and everything as a weapon in a fight. Even that bunch of lazy asses at the Puppetmaster Guild had enough physical strength to defeat a tiger barehanded. The conventional idea of elemental attribute advantage from his previous life really only amounted to very little in a real battle.

Instead, what Roel was referring to here was positional attributes, which could be seen in the current situation he was in.


A deafening reverberation echoed in the clearing in the forest as a massive skeleton collided with a lance, stirring up a powerful swirling wind around them. Fallen leaves and twigs rushed into the air, and before they could fall back down to the ground, another wave of shockwave pushed them even higher up.

Roel was currently standing on the ground, fighting against an armored enemy whose face was concealed behind a metal helmet. His clothes made it clear that he was a knight transcendent.

【Rodrick Ausben】

Roel was able to see the name of this ex-Ringbearer of the Saint Freya Academy through his spell. It would appear that luck was on his side given how he encountered a strength-focused Ring Guardian. It just so happened that he was adept at dealing with enemies who dished out physical attacks.

Their intense clash shook the forest, causing the rocks on the ground to shatter into pieces. So far, the skeleton giant and the knight had already exchanged dozens of blows with one another, but neither was able to best the other. Through observing the other party carefully, Roel was able to roughly assess the other party’s fighting prowess.

Just looking at it in terms of strength, the Ring Guardian was indeed at Origin Level 3. However, his overall prowess was far beneath that of a real Origin Level 3 transcendent due to his lacking intelligence.

A battle between transcendents wasn’t just about pitting ‘combat power’ against one another. To put it in an analogy, spells were the gun whereas mana was the bullets. The specifications of the gun and bullets were indeed crucial, but the most important of all was the ability and wits to put them to good use. If a transcendent was dumb, there would be no saving him no matter how powerful the tools he had at his disposal were.

The knight also seemed

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