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Roel stared at the blood-red name that had suddenly appeared along with the change in his surroundings. He couldn’t see the person clearly due to the concealment of the fog, but just the name itself was enough to shake him up.

Ro Ascart.

This was an unforgettable name for the Ascart House for it represented its height of prosperity.

Of course, the Ascart House did flourish in Winstor’s era too, but his time dated too far back that hardly anyone could remember it anymore. So, the members of the Ascart House tended to associate their house’s golden era with Ro Ascart instead.

In fact, Roel had grown up listening to stories of Ro’s adventures, and that was how he knew that his ancestor used to study at the Saint Freya Academy. It was just that the details about his encounters in the academy were absent in the records, so there wasn’t much for Roel to work with.

He knew that there was a chance of encountering Ro Ascart in ‘Night of the Demons’, but he didn’t really bank on it happening because the possibility of it happening was simply too low.

It had been over nine hundred years since the founding of the Saint Freya Academy, and the total number of Ringbearers throughout its history likely numbered over a thousand. The chances of encountering a specific individual were almost null, and in the first place, he wasn’t certain whether Ro Ascart was a Ringbearer or not.

Roel’s train of thoughts wasn’t wrong in the sense that he really wouldn’t have encountered Ro under normal circumstances, as shown by how he met Rodrick earlier on. But clearly, the situation he was currently in was anything but normal.

He should have teleported back to reality after defeating the Ring Guardian, but instead, he was brought to this grassy, hilly terrain instead.

Roel, there have been some weird pulsations coming from the dungeon recently.

Chris’ words suddenly echoed in Roel’s mind, ringing warning bells and reminding him to remain guarded. The greatest safety net of ‘Night of the Demons’ lay in its ability to offset injuries and casualties, but was it still reliable now that the dungeon had been disrupted by mana pulsations?

Roel didn’t have an answer to that question, but he had no intentions of risking his own life to verify it. He stared at the blood-red name that signified killing intent directed toward him as he began channeling his mana reflexively. At the same time, Grandar and Peytra also began making their moves upon sensing a peril in the environment.

“This feeling… He possesses the Crown Origin Attribute too!”

“Roel, hurry up and get behind me!”

A hoarse and authoritative voice first sounded, followed by an agitated female voice. Grandar’s massive body immediately manifested in front of him while a humongous serpent made out of stone quickly coiled her body around Roel. The two ancient gods eyed the menacing threat standing before them warily as the fog concealing Ro Ascart finally began to dissipate.

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