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The crowd outside the forest had gone feverish celebrating this momentous occasion.

Having three Ringbearers in a single generation marked the highest record in the Saint Freya Academy. In fact, it had been more than a hundred years since any generation had had three Ringbearers.

The staff members in charge of the academy’s finances glance at one another worriedly. Having three Ringbearers at once meant that the academy would have to fork out a great sum of money in order to maintain their privileges, which equated to greater work for them.

For the freshmen though, this was amazing news. It was as if they had suddenly found three huge umbrellas they could seek shelter under.

As for the leaders of the Scholar Guilds and the academy’s teachers, what they saw was boundless potential. The massive spirit guide floating in the sky hinted that Roel had defeated an incredibly powerful enemy, and this was definitely something noteworthy for someone as young as he was.

Even Chris appeared a little dazed by the sunlike spirit guide in the sky. If her memory failed her not, the record for the largest spirit guide was a diameter of three meters, but this white sun before her had unmistakably broken the record with a huge margin.

He is an absolute prodigy with immeasurable potential! On top of that, he’s a fief noble, which means that it’s possible to win him over!

This realization spurred the excitement of the leaders of the Scholar Guilds in the vicinity. All of a sudden, the chronic pain in their waists and hips vanished without a trace, and their hunched backs straightened right up. As if someone had fired the starting pistol, all of them suddenly charged straight toward Roel almost at the same time, trying to get as close to him as possible.

However, there was another group of people who were even more anxious than them—the teachers. A student could graduate from the academy without joining a Scholar Guild, but he would definitely have to choose a teacher as his academic advisor. Roel was bound to become a powerhouse in the future given the capability he had displayed thus far, allowing them to rest on his laurels as his former teacher!

It was almost like a frightening stampede rushing in his direction, but Roel was too immersed in the sweetness of success to pay it any heed.

He had never been hailed with such great fanfare before, be it in the Ascart Fiefdom, the Holy Capital, or Rosa, and the fact that it was from the elites of the Saint Freya Academy made it even more significant. This was a highlight of his life, and he would be lying if he said that he wasn’t happy about this.

But while he was enjoying the atmosphere, he didn’t forget about the two ladies who were waiting for him.

He looked toward the center of the other two distinctive crowds, where Nora and Charlotte directed smiles toward him. Their followers also showed a warm attitude toward him due to his affiliation with the Ascart Fiefdom and

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