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Roel stared into the eyes of his ancestor silently. The fatal illusion spell had already been broken, rendering Ro Ascart’s illusions ineffective on him. It was time to repay the debt.


With an imposing command, Roel’s mana began surging forth as a tremendous pillar of frost gushed into the air. His life force started converting into power that he desperately needed to deal with the threat before him, enhancing his transcendent abilities to Origin Level 3.

The moment Roel realized that he was still in the hilly terrain after escaping from the illusion, he implicitly understood that he was no longer in the safe ‘Night of the Demons’ he knew of but a treacherous land where he faced a real threat of death. He knew that he couldn’t afford to hold back here.

At the same time, two massive figures manifested under the effects of his mana. The roaring giant hurled out a punch as soon as he appeared whereas the Primordial Earth Goddess directed a fatal glare at her enemies.

A punch descended from the sky while a petrification spell crept up onto Ro from his feet. On top of that, a dangerous frost aura was threatening to freeze him whole if he didn’t back away as soon as possible. Ro was indubitably at a disadvantageous position here, but Roel still didn’t put down his guard.

For one, he knew that inheritors of the Ascart Bloodline never fought alone.


Over a thousand light rays burst forth from Ro’s body with a resounding buzz, dispelling Peytra’s petrification. Pure, condensed power rushed into the sky as a towering figure emerged with wings of light.

The presence of this new adversary made Roel’s face turn grim.


Unlike the Xeclydes who had only inherited the Angel Bloodline, the being standing before him was a real angel who had served Goddess Sia in the ancient era.

The rising angel charged straight toward Grandar’s descending fist, seeking to fend it off.

But this wasn’t the end of it yet. Shortly after the emergence of the angel, the deep howls of a wolf began echoing in the surroundings too.


The body of a massive wolf suddenly manifested out of nowhere, floating in thin air as if a phantom. Yet, when its feet finally fell and came into contact with the ground, its body suddenly turned corporeal. Without any hesitation, the phantom wolf charged straight for the Primordial Earth Goddess.

Behind the phantom wolf, the long-haired young man also started conjuring searing flames to deal with the encirclement of frost aura around him.

In just a split moment, three distinct pairs were formed—flame against frost, serpent against wolf, and giant against angel—and they vied for supremacy on this dark land.

While an intense death battle was occurring inside the dungeon, the area outside the dungeon was silent and peaceful.

The students who had been eliminated were led out of the Fog Forest by their spirit guides. Some looked at their smaller spirit g

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