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What is the one thing one needed the most in a battle? Hot-bloodedness? The courage to charge forth without hesitation? An unyielding spirit?

No, it isn’t any of those.

Roel believed that what transcendents needed the most in a battle was composure.

The timings to make an attack, the force of each attack, the possible trump cards that the enemy could have in possession, the price that one might have to pay for the attack,.. There were many factors one had to take into consideration in order to determine the optimal move in any given situation.

From such a perspective, Ro Ascart could be said to be the greatest enemy Roel had faced to date.

Ever since the awakening of his bloodline, Roel had never thought that he would be outclassed by anyone in the same power level as him, but Ro shattered his complacency. The two of them had a different set of strengths that allowed them to stand their ground in this intense battle.

Unlike Roel, who relied on external means to raise his power level, Ro was a bona fide Origin Level 3 transcendent. His deeper comprehension of this power level allowed him to draw greater utility from his spells and bloodline, as evidenced by how he was able to strengthen the ancient gods on his side using the golden fragments of the Crown, a spell which Roel had yet to grasp.

Fortunately, Roel had his own advantage in this battle too, namely Grandar and Peytra. It was clear that both the Giant King and Primordial Earth Goddess were superior to the ancient gods they were facing off with, such that Ro’s enhancement had only barely placed them on the same playing field.

Grandar and Peytra would have long clinched the victory if not for Ro’s interference.

Roel stared at his ancestor deeply. The latter was getting increasingly bewitching under the fiery luminescence of his flames, his delicate beauty making it hard to differentiate whether he was male or female. It was an androgynous charm that was fatal to both men and women alike.

It was just a pity that Roel was in no mood to admire his ancestor’s enchanting countenance. Instead, he turned his attention toward the flames burning on his shoulder.

The nature of the mana is different.

This minor detail made him realize that his ancestor had three ancient gods on his side instead of two, just that the third one ‘chose’ to lend its ability to Ro instead of fully manifesting.

This was clearly abnormal.

It went without saying that the prowess of a fully manifested ancient god was different from a half-assed lending of ability, and the truth was that the flames conjured weren’t strong enough to fully neutralize Glacier Creator’s frost aura. In fact, Roel had managed to freeze Ro Ascart several times, just that the latter would suddenly dissipate before reforming in mid-air, reviving in the same manner as the phantom wolf.

An undying opponent.

There was a moment there that Roel despaired, thinking that there was no way he could

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