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On one of the canteen tables sat two particularly good-looking individuals. One of them was a dashing black-haired young man with a hint of confusion in his golden eyes, and opposite to him was a tall crimson-haired beauty with a mysterious gleam in her light-blue eyes.

The two of them looked to be at least ten years apart from one another, basically an ‘older sister x younger brother’ couple. With their good looks, they would surely have spurred many fan fantasies had they appeared in any drama series in Roel’s previous life. This rare pairing swiftly piqued the curiosity of many of the students as they shot discreet glances in their direction.

Roel held onto the amber pendant tightly as he contemplatively assessed the crimson-haired woman who had abruptly taken a seat before him.

What’s going on? I barely took out my pendant a moment ago, and someone has already come knocking? Could this woman be ‘Academic’?

No no, that doesn’t seem possible.

Roel assessed the beautiful woman before him intently before slowly shaking his head. It wasn’t about how old she looked since a transcendent’s appearance rarely tallied with his real age. Her being a woman wasn’t a problem either since ‘Academic’s’ gender was unknown. Rather, it was her attitude that gave Roel such an impression.

According to Isabella, ‘Academic’ was a very wary individual who had never revealed his identity to anyone despite having joined the Assembly for many years. It was uncharacteristic of a wary individual to suddenly come rushing over upon seeing a familiar token that had disappeared for centuries. On the contrary, it would make far more sense for ‘Academic’ to keep his distance for the time being so as to assess the situation.

Could she be another member of the Assembly, or perhaps, a descendant even?

Roel’s eyes lit up as he replied to her greeting with a smile.

“Yes, I am indeed Roel Ascart. May I know who you are?”

“I am Chris Wilde, a teacher here.”

“I see. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Chris. May I know if there’s anything I may help you with?”

“It’s nothing much. I simply realized that you’re related to someone whom I used to be close with, so I came over to have a chat with you.”

As the crimson-haired beauty said those words, she stabbed her fork into a piece of meat on her plate. Meanwhile, Roel felt a jolt in his heart.

I’m related to someone whom she was close to? Is she referring to ‘Academic’?

Wait a moment. If she approached me for a conversation after seeing the amber pendant, does it mean that she’s acquainted with Ancient Treant Kayde? Now that I think about it, Kayde mentioned that a woman had visited it at Karon Forest a month before I did.

Could that woman possibly be this teacher? Did I really meet with a descendant of a member from the Assembly?

Roel felt a rush of excitement upon hearing those words.

Chris Wilde was born in a scholar house in Brolne, and she was currently 36 y

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