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A week later…

It was evening and the bustling commercial street of the Saint Freya Academy was filled with people. The doors of the Brokesword Tavern kept opening and closing nonstop, adding a lively atmosphere to the place.

The greetings from the tavern’s boss and the sound of wooden mugs bumping into one another echoed loudly every now and then. The rich aroma of alcohol wafted in the building. By the corner on the second floor sat a hooded young man and a crimson-haired woman.

“Say, Miss Chris, is it really good for you to bring me to such a place?”

“Hm? Aren’t you of age?”

“That’s not the problem here!”

Roel Ascart discreetly scanned the surroundings as he spoke.

It was already sundown, and the tavern was starting to grow crowded. There were many individuals seated on the bar counter to share a conversation with their buddies while indulging themselves in alcohol. Some of the regulars sat on the two pax seats by the corners whereas new customers curiously examined the collection hanging on the wall.

True to its name, there were over a hundred broken swords affixed to the wall of the Brokesword Tavern.

At first glance, the tavern looked like a shabby building made out of stone and wood, but it was actually an extremely famous shop on this centuries-old street of the Saint Freya Academy.

Rumors had it that the owner of the tavern used to be a swordsman, but an adventure went wrong caused him to lose all of his companions and sustain irrecoverable trauma. Crushed by his loss, he returned to the academy he once attended and started a tavern. He pinned the broken swords that had once accompanied him on his adventures onto the walls as a symbol of camaraderie.

The owner’s action received the approval of many knights. It started a tradition where retired swordsmen could entrust their broken swords to the tavern so as to find a good resting place for their old companions. The number of broken swords in the tavern increased to over a hundred over the years, and every single one of them carried detailed information on their history and had some words left behind by their ex-masters.

The memorable artifacts hanging on the wall, the comfortable dim environment, and the historical building created an atmosphere of nostalgia in the air, which was believed to be the reason why the Brokesword Tavern continued to remain popular over the years despite lacking the classy and extravagant appearance of the other stores.

Of course, most freshmen usually shied away from this shabby tavern, and it wasn’t located in a particularly conspicuous location either. In fact, most of the customers in the tavern were regulars from the senior students, staff members, and the employees from the other shops.

This made Roel heave a sigh of relief.

“I’m afraid that someone will see me and stir up unnecessary trouble.”

Roel sighed helplessly as he picked up the mug on the table and took a sip of alcohol. The pale blu

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