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Roel sat in an empty classroom, watching quietly as Lilian walked out of the door before sighing deeply.

Their interaction made it clear to him that Lilian had no intention of building any sort of relationship with him. She wanted to maintain a certain distance between them, and honestly speaking, he couldn’t understand her thoughts at all.

He couldn’t help noticing that something was off during his interaction with Lilian. The reasons that Lilian offered might sound reasonable at first, but upon careful contemplation, it should be clear that maintaining a friendly relationship with him would yield more benefits.

Of course, different people tended to look at problems from different perspectives, but someone as intelligent as Lilian should have contemplated the pros and cons from different angles before coming to a decision.

Or could it be that something is interfering with her decision?

Roel pondered for a moment before shaking his head. He shouldn’t be trying to make meaningless speculations here, especially not when he had many things on his plate at the moment.

The Blackrose Ring was a legacy he had inherited from his old ancestor, as well as the culprit that caused his spirit guide to inflate to a diameter of five meters.

Roel hadn’t put the ring on even once over the last week. There were far too many people on his tail that he was afraid that someone would catch him with it. On top of that, he was also unaware of what exactly was the Blackrose Ring’s ability. According to Ro, the Blackrose Ring provided one guidance, but there was no further explanation on what this ‘guidance’ was.

He would prefer not to cause a commotion with the Blackrose Ring if possible, so he decided to look into it only after getting his own turf.

It was then that footsteps began sounding from the corridor outside. Roel quickly snapped out of his thoughts, pulled up his hoodie and put on his scarf, and walked out.

Chris had chosen to put together this meeting before the morning classes so that Roel and Lilian could familiarize themselves with one another ahead of time. Now that their meeting was over, it was finally time for morning classes.

The freshmen classes focused more on rudimentary content with the aim of nurturing the students’ learning habits. The first class Roel went through was math, and it reminded him of the math class he went through in university in his previous life, though the two could hardly be compared with one another in terms of difficulty.

Compared to all of the complicated mathematical models he had to learn in his previous life, what was being taught by the lecturer right now could definitely be considered as simple.

One thing that was worthy of note was the grand-looking classrooms in the Faculty of Mathematics. Its centuries-old buildings were made out of stone and carried an air of history, but at the same time, they were so well-preserved that they didn’t appear decrepit.

The clas

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