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There have been weird pulsations coming from the dungeon?

Roel was taken aback to hear Chris’ words. He quickly ran through the plotline ofEyes of the Chroniclerthat he still remembered, but it only made him blink his eyes in confusion.

Based on his experience thus far, he realized that the butterfly effects arising from his changes weren’t as pronounced as he thought. Except for certain special circumstances or direct interference on his part, there was still a good chance that events from the game would still play out as they were supposed to.

Of course, he understood that the referential value of the propheticEyes of the Chroniclerwas falling with all of the changes he had brought about. For one, the events between the female capture targets and Paul Ackermann were unlikely to work out anymore since their relationship wouldn’t snowball. Nevertheless, he expected most of the background details to remain constant.

Yet, he didn’t recall the game mentioning anything about an anomaly in the dungeon, which meant that things had started diverging from the game plotline here.

“Here, take this. It’s the oil extract from the Lamp of Homecoming. If you find yourself stuck in the dungeon, light up the oil and follow its lead. It should bring you out safely.”

Chris took out a small wooden bottle and passed it over. Roel examined the bottle curiously and saw that it was filled with translucent oil-like fluid.

After entrusting the magic tool into Roel’s hands, she gave a few more words of advice before taking her leave. As a teacher of the academy, her action was bordering on cheating by according preferential treatment to a student, so it would be unwise for her to remain here and garner more attention.

Roel looked at the departing figure of the crimson-haired woman with a moved heart.

This descendant of an Assembly’s member sure is a warm-hearted person. Her ancestor must be one of Kayde’s close friends, possibly even having left some words on the ancient treant’s body before. I didn’t expect her to be so excited at the notion of being able to send a letter to Kayde.

Ahhh, it’s a pity that she left so quickly though. I didn’t get a chance to ask her about ‘Academic’.

Roel sighed in regret at having wasted an opportunity to acquire precious information, but on a more positive note, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to approach her once more at a later date since she was a teacher in the academy. Rather, he should focusing his attention on the upcoming ‘Night of the Demons’.

Roel continued gobbling down his food while fiddling with the wooden bottle in his hand. He thought a bit deeper into the matter and felt that while the information regarding the dungeon’s anomaly came as a surprise, it might not necessarily be a cause for concern.

Paul Ackermann was only at Origin Level 5 at the start of the game, and he didn’t have any cheats either, which led to him being quickly eliminated from the dungeon. On top

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