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On the hilly terrain, two young men standing in front of one another collapsed to the ground. In the distance, the avatars of the battling ancient gods dissipated and vanished from the world.

Roel’s body was in a horrible state at the moment, but there was a faint smile persisting on his lips. He was in a good mood at the moment, feeling like he had accomplished something momentous.

When he initiated Glacier Heart, there were only less than twenty seconds left to the end of his enhancement. Back then, there were still two possibilities surrounding Ro Ascart’s constant revival, for he knew that there were two possibilities when it came to eliminating shadows.

One was to vanquish all light in the surroundings, fulfilling the adage ‘shadows cannot exist in the absence of light’. The other was a concept that had yet to exist in the Sia Continent, ‘shadowless light’.

The former would still be much easier to pull off. Roel had many ways to achieve that effect, the white fog he had cast earlier being one of them. However, he wasn’t one to leave things to chance, so he made preparations for the second case too.

The difficulty of vanquishing all shadows was indubitably much higher. It was arguable whether shadows existed in the absence of light, but the presence of light naturally cast shadows.

So, how could Roel achieve that effect?

It was unlikely that anyone in the Sia Continent had a perfect answer to this question. There were many spells that utilized shadows but none that specialized in vanquishing shadows, for shadows weren’t a product of mana.

There was hardly any research on the Sia Continent on that aspect, but there was something in Roel’s previous life that could roughly produce that effect.

Shadowless lamps.

It was an important invention for the medical industry in Roel’s previous life, mainly used for surgical purposes. The theory was centered around using multiple light sources from different angles in order to remove contrast shadows, achieving a high level of shadow dilution.

Admittedly, it couldn’t remove all shadows either, but it should be enough to go to this extent.

Ro Ascart’s ability was indeed powerful, but the law of the world dictated that powerful spells had severe activation conditions too. The fact that he was unable to revive under the intense concentration of light was proof of that law in action.

It had been a truly tough fight, be it the initial illusion spell, the clash of the ancient gods, and the duel between frost and flame, but Roel still achieved victory in the end. He triumphed over the higher level Ro Ascart, and he thought that it was something to be proud of even if the latter was just an unintelligent fake.

The real Ro Ascart would have likely concealed the secret of his undying spell much better, doing all sorts of misdirections through his words and actions.

“Tsk, what a monster,” remarked Roel as he tried his best to push himself up.

It was th

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