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Under the warm rays of the morning sun, Astrid glanced at the ash remains of the holy tree and exhaled in relief. On the other hand, Lilian’s mouth first opened wide in sheer astonishment before a furious blush swiftly dyed her face red.

“P-pregnant? Wife?! W-what in the world are you saying?”

“Hm? Of course I’m talking about you and Roel. There’s no need to be shy; I already know about it.”

“About… it?”

“Lilian, you have to understand that we hadn’t come up with this plan yet when he approached you back then. We were in a precarious situation then, and there was a real possibility that the Ascarts’ lineage might just be severed here. However, you can rest assured that his feelings for you are real. I can at least tell that much.”

Astrid had a ‘Don’t worry, I understand’ expression on her face, though out of a guilty conscience, she neglected to mention that she was actually the mastermind behind the plan.

From the details Astrid was giving out, Lilian was able to fit the puzzle pieces together and deduce the truth.

W-wait a moment, this means that when Roel came into my room the other day, he was planning to…

The realization of the truth made Lilian stare at the young man, who was chatting with Antonio not too far away, in disbelief. Her face started to heat up.

Her response brought a smile to Astrid’s face. Astrid grabbed the hand of the flustered young lady and consoled her.

“It was only a matter of time before the two of you came to this point. Things might have sped up a little, but this isn’t anything of concern.”

“No, I-I mean, we’re siblings…”

“Even when the two of you shared a passionate kiss earlier on?”


The question pierced deeply into Lilian’s heart like an arrow. Her lips started quivering as she struggled to argue against it, but no words came to her mind. Astrid, on the other hand, put on the kind smile of an elder.

“Doesn’t it work out fine this way? While the two of you are bloodline kin who share a unique connection granted by fate, this is not a bond that the rest of the world understands or accepts. Only through marriage will the others see the two of you as a family.”


Lilian’s brain was still overheating from embarrassment when she heard Astrid’s words and quickly regained her rationality. She looked at her ancestor and slowly began falling into deep thought.

She’s right. In the eyes of an outsider, being bloodline kin is nothing more than an incomprehensible coincidence. They won’t understand the bond between us. I need to have a conventionally accepted relationship with Roel in order for our bond to be acknowledged by others. B-but marriage is still a little…

“W-what if we don’t get married?”

“Don’t get married? What in the world are you talking about?”

Astrid frowned upon hearing the question from the slightly frustrated Lilian.

“What will happen to your child if you don’t get married?”

“No, I mean, assuming that we don’

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