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Unity displayed by humans in the face of crises was heartening, and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for one another was touching.

With that being said, there were still limitations to what collective strength could achieve. There were simply some beings in the world that mere mortals couldn’t stand against. Sometimes, a gap in strength could be so great that no quantity could hope to bridge it.


Terrifying explosions of lightning echoed throughout Leinster for the umpteenth time, but mana continued to gush with relentless momentum as if it was boundless. Priestley continued standing in the same spot with a green lantern in hand, not moving an inch at all, but the guards and students on the academy walls were already forced to flee in a fluster.

At the very back of the escaping crowd stood an exhausted Antonio. He could feel a complete lack of fluctuation in the prowess of the lightning bolts, and he was able to easily deduce what the enemy was up to.

Priestley was trying to preserve his strength. Unwilling to waste his energy against Antonio, he chose to launch a continuous bombardment equivalent to the prowess of an Origin Level 2 transcendent instead of going all out.

But even so, Antonio was already on the verge of reaching his limit.

Once everyone on the academy walls had made their retreat, the barrier finally dissipated. The instant Antonio made his escape, lightning bolts tore down the towering academy walls, ricocheting the rubble toward the academy.

Despite their resistance, they were unable to put a halt to the Magician King’s advance.

The Salvation Legion marched across the rubble to pursue the fleeing soldiers and students. Their blasphemous whispers echoed throughout the academy, but their effects were neutralized by the special properties of the Dream Realm Barrier.

Astrid’s barrier granted humans increased immunity toward the blasphemous whispers, such that they wouldn’t feel extreme discomfort toward it. However, it wouldn’t work if they were to engage the monsters in a prolonged close-range fight.

Due to that, the guards and students didn’t allow themselves to get tied down by the monsters. While fending them off, they continuously retreated toward the second wall, where they would reorganize themselves and swiftly construct a new defense line against the monsters.

It was just that it wouldn’t be as effective as before.

The second wall wasn’t as resilient, and it didn’t have powerful magic tools embedded into it either. The garrison troops weren’t able to withstand the endless onslaught of monsters, such that they eventually got forced back to the third wall, fourth wall, and so on.

By midnight, those monsters had finally breached the final wall and successfully intruded on the central area of Saint Freya Academy.

Priestley also entered into the academy that was ironically under his management. There was a smile on his wrinkled face as he walked with a p

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