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I’m going to die.

As Priestley walked closer, Roel reflexively understood what was going to befall him. The severity of his injuries caused his sight to darken, but right before he crumbled to the floor, a hand suddenly reached out to support him.

It was a woman with blood seeping from the corner of her lips.

They were faced with a frighteningly formidable enemy, but Lilian didn’t back down despite being fully aware of the dangers. Instead, she stood upright and walked toward the source of the terrifying mana.

“Roel might not have reached Origin Level 3, but I have,” said Lilian.

She directed a strained smile at the immobile Roel before abruptly opening her hand toward the sky. Golden fragments seeped out from her palm and scattered on the surviving soldiers and mages.

Is that… broken fragments of the Crown?, Roel thought with his fading consciousness.

“Stop him,” ordered Lilian.

The scattering golden light raised the prowess of Lilian’s knights to Origin Level 3, and the mana of her mages also grew considerably stronger. Yet, Priestley remained unfazed before his buffed up enemies. It had been decades since he had gone all out, but he was still the dominator of the battlefield. It didn’t matter how many enemies stood before him.

“Struggling in futility; how meaningless.”

“It may appear meaningless to you, Magician King, but I’m the older sister of this child.”

Despite the immense pressure that left her feeling as if her blood flow had screeched to a halt, Lilian raised her trembling hands and gently touched Roel’s face. The powerful mana pulsation rippling from Priestley tugged at her black hair, and her amethyst eyes narrowed from pain.

But when she raised her head once more, all that could be seen was determination.

“What matters is that I see meaning in it.”

“… Useless sentiments. You’re only bringing death upon yourself,” replied the fallen Magician King impassively.

He raised his finger and sent a devastating flood of mana toward Lilian.

At that instant, Lilian found her entire sight covered by the destructive blast of mana coming her way. It was a spell that Priestley had casually cast, but its prowess far surpassed that of anything an Origin Level 2 transcendent could hope to release.

Faced with this frightening attack, Lilian immediately retreated with Roel in her arm, but it didn’t look like she could outrun the spell.

“Ten Fortresses!” murmured Lilian in this precarious moment.

Her amethyst eyes glowed brightly as her Origin Attribute began to tremble intensely. Three different fortresses rose from the ground at her summon, forming towering barriers between her and Priestley.

Priestley widened his eyes in surprise.

Ten Fortresses was a spell that could only be cast by the ones who had once ruled over the whole of humankind, the Ackermanns. It was said that there used to be ten impregnable fortresses that protected humans from external threats, serving

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